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10 Divinely Inspired Tips to Attract More Love into Your Life

Want to attract love into your home and life? All you have to do is remember one simple rule. What you believe rules what you receive. In other words; you attract what you believe.

It sounds easy. Change our beliefs to get what we want. But it isn’t always that simple. Sometimes we’re not even aware of what our beliefs are. So how can we change our beliefs to get what we want?

Start slowly and intentionally believing you’re worthy of love.

How to Attract Love Into Your Life


Believe you’re worthy of love

We attract love in abundance when we believe we’re worthy of being loved. When we’re very clear that love is our divine right, we can’t help but attract more of it.

When you bring your self love home, it shows in the way you take care of your home and your stuff.

When we create the perfect climate for love to grow, we’ve already made room for it in our heart. Call it self love or call it badassery, but when you love yourself others can’t help falling in love with you too.


Be comfortable alone

How to Attract Love

I know that may sound contradictory but think of it this way. If you’re OK with being on your own, the message you’re sending the Universe is “I’m happy with my own company.” This doesn’t mean you don’t want or need companionship or love. Oh no. Not at all.

What it means is, you’re not expecting someone else to make you feel OK, cause you already got that covered. When you take away that expectation, love will beat a path to your door.


Be willing to pay it forward

Spirit will notice when you buy the person standing in line a coffee. Or tip your lawn guy. Give to charity or give your seat to someone else. Volunteer.

Because giving with your heart is really about receiving or getting. It busts you wide open to receiving more love.

Give what you want to receive, and watch the law of attraction in action. You’ll get more of what you desire when you give like you got it.



How to Attract Love

While you’re sitting in your meditation space at home or on a rooftop, visualize feeling surrounded by love. Add a special loving person to your visualization if you want. Don’t focus on what they look like, just focus on how it will feel when you’re with them.

Give them traits like being loving, honest, truthful and safe or whatever’s most meaningful to you. Be consistent in your visualization. Feel yourself wrapped in a loving embrace. Believe you’re worthy of love and the Universe | spirit | God will find a path to bring love to you.


Make space

Make your home a magnet for loved ones or the one you’d love to be with. Be sure your beloved’s needs are taken into consideration. Make space for them in your bedroom. Allow room for their clothes to hang in the closet. Do they have their own lamp and bedside table? Perfect.

The same rules apply if you’re trying to attract love. Act as if you’ve already got love by making room as if they’re already there. Got it?


Let go

How to Attract Love

Leave room in your home for someone new to come into your life. If you’re hanging onto mementos or furniture from a past relationship, let go if you can. Stale old energy can block a new relationship from taking hold.

If you’re clinging to a past lovers stuff it energetically sends a signal there’s already someone in your life and home. Releasing past treasures can be hard, but having them in your home doesn’t meet your current needs does it. Why not donate or give to a friend and allow room for new love?


Love the ones you’re with

How to Attract Love

Like the old CSNY song, don’t forget to give love to the ones already in your life and home. Create a family mealtime, even if it’s just once a week. Make it a phone free, distraction free zone for everyone to connect.

Invite neighbors or friends over for a pot luck or barbecue. Reach out and show some love and love will find a home with you.


Show yourself some love

Are you noticing a theme here? Showing love and giving love are two surefire ways to stir the love pot and bring more love into your life and home. So why not show yourself some love and care?

Put it out there that you believe you’re worth loving. Be so good to yourself you’ll attract the same from everyone around you. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself like a princess and be royally rewarded.


Watch a corny romance

There’s no better way to get in the mood than watching a heart felt romance movie. Put yourself in the heroine’s shoes and let yourself get carried away. Feel yourself uplifted by the woosh of being swept up in love.

One of my favorites is “Leap Year” – a silly sweet quirky tale about a girl who goes to Ireland to propose and gets so much more. Don’t feel bummed because you’re not a romantic heroine- yet. Just wallow in the feelings of already being in love and visualize exactly what dress and shoes you’ll have on when you’re swept off your feet.


Closet Check

How to Attract Love

Speaking of outfits, it’s time to check out your closet and dresser drawers. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and ask yourself if everything in there sparks joy. Knickers and undies included.

Do your bras still support you? Are they pretty enough to deserve to be worn or are they past their sell by date. Tell the Universe | spirit | God that you’re ready for love by having a drawer full of pretty things to wear.

How to Attract Love Spiritually

That’s it my love. When you’re ready to attract more love and peace into your life start with believing you deserve it.

If you’re willing to tweak your beliefs a little you’ll open yourself up to love. With these few changes, you’ll easily attract more love and harmony into your life and home.