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11 Wall Art Display Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

Here’s how to fill a blank wall with wall art. If you’ve just moved into a new apartment or home, you know what I mean.

It doesn’t feel like yours until you’ve added your personality to the walls. I always say a house doesn’t feel like home until you put that first coat of paint on. Art and walls the same.

Maybe you’ve been collecting artwork and want to get around to hanging it. Or you’re waiting for inspiration to strike. A blank wall can be a little intimidating and expensive to fill!

Framing a poster can get pricey, but thank goodness for IKEA. Their frames are amazing and an easy way to make different posters or prints look pulled together.

Getting the right combination of art for a gallery wall takes some planning. The simplest way is to first arrange all your pictures or decor on the floor. Keep moving pieces around until you have a nice combination of shapes.

Whether you’d like to create a gallery wall or focal point in your room, here’s some wall art display ideas to inspire you and spark your creativity.

wall art display1 ♥. Use simple clipboards or giant clips to hang a grid pattern of photos or prints on your wall. You can attach magazine pages but the sky’s the limit. Use this idea to create a family photo wall or a travel bucket list with brochures, pages from magazines, artwork and photos.


wall art map decal

2 ♥. Browsing on Etsy I found this watercolor world map decal. Don’t you think it would be perfect for a kid’s room or family room? What I love is it’s so easy to apply because it’s peel and stick wallpaper. If you get tired of it or want a change, it’s a snap to pull it off.


wall art display ideas

3 ♥. Sometimes all it takes is one strong image to carry the color scheme in your room. This cactus print is the focal point here and the record player echoes the same pale green color from the artwork.  You can find a similar print at World Market. For a budget solution find a poster to frame yourself. Whatever print you find, repeat the main color from the print in some other way, as they have in this room.


wall art display ideas

4 ♥. What makes this grouping of mirrors work is the balance between the largest one in the center, the two smaller ones to the right and two smallest mirrors on the left. The round shape of the mirrors makes it easier to create this balanced gallery look. Mirrors are fun because they serve a dual purpose. They bounce light and reflect whatever’s on the opposite wall. If it’s a window so much the better!


wall art display idea

5 ♥. This one is super simple. Why not hang a grid of 4 or 6 square bulletin boards like this for display? This burlap bulletin board is from World Market, but you can find them anywhere. Customize it with your own photos, artwork, mementos like concert tickets and travel shots.


wall art paris

6 ♥. Love Paris? Why not turn a room of your home into a view of the Eiffel Tower! This customizable mural is also from Etsy. Perfect if you’re a renter or aren’t sure if you want to make a permanent wall installation. It’s available as peel and stick or traditional wallpaper. Or you can design your own.

wall art display idea♥. Speaking of Paris, here’s a fabulous way to display your souvenirs or create a vision board box! This clear box is the Bjornarp display box from IKEA. You can hang one on the wall to showcase your passion for all things Paris, or why not mount a group of three in a row to create a statement wall.


wall art display ideas

8 ♥. Wherever you’re dreaming of traveling to, a vintage wall hung map is a perfect visioning tool and easy to display too. Start a collection. Group your maps all over a wall in a family room, office or kids room. You can find vintage wall maps like this online on eBay or in antique markets.

wall art display ideas

9 ♥. IKEA has already done the work for you with this group of Knoppang frames complete with black and white art to use. To get creative, simply swap out all or some of the artwork with your own photos, prints or mementos. You could also add in some other frames in different colors or materials and make this the start of a gallery wall.


wall art display ideas
Image – Cup of Joe

10 ♥.  How about framing a beautiful piece of wallpaper in your own frames or one from IKEA. Wallpaper stores often have display pieces or end of rolls to sell. Best of all, it’s a lot cheaper than buying a whole roll. We’re so used to thinking only prints can go in frames, but use your imagination. What colors do you think your room needs? Do you have a red chair that would look even better next to a beautiful wallpaper pattern with red? For more ideas try this blog post by cupofjoe.


wall art display ideas

11 ♥.This grouping of three different sized farmhouse vintage style frames can be customized with your own photos or artwork. Easy! Make your own custom grouping by simply adding more pieces as I’ve shown below. All of these wall frames and prints can be found at WorldMarket

wall art display ideas

Have fun with your wall art project! I hope these wall ideas have sparked your creativity.

11 ways to fill a blank wall with wall art