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12 Feng Shui Secrets to Attracting More Love + Harmony @home

Feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is the ancient Chinese art of achieving balance and harmony by managing the flow of energy or chi. Feng shui literally means “wind water”. In Chinese culture this is good energy!

According to the principles of feng shui, all things have energy. Even things like furniture and walls.

Want to know how to create the best energy in our home? Use feng shui!

Good feng shui can create happiness, good health and wealth. If you ignore feng shui, you may be inviting the opposite of harmony – disharmony – into your life!

We don’t want disharmony and conflict do we? Especially in the bedroom!

It’s not that complicated to practice the principles of feng shui. Why not give it a try? You’ve really got nothing to lose and you never know. You may discover a renewed sense of peace and calm at home.

Ready to suspend your skepticism and get out your compass (more on that later)?

How to Attract Love and Harmony @home with Feng Shui


Your bedroom

Let’s start with the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom – your bed!

If you can make sure your bed has a solid headboard that rests against a wall – not a window.  To feel supported and grounded while you sleep, it’s important you are literally supported by your bed.

If you don’t have a headboard, why not think about adding one? Whether it’s soft and upholstered or made of solid wood; don’t forget to place it against a solid wall.


According to feng shui, it’s important where you position your bed in the room. So keep this in mind if you’re buying a new bed with headboard. Will it fit on the wall that faces your bedroom door?

The ideal location for your bed is to have your feet facing the door or entrance while you’re in bed. In feng shui, this creates security because you’ll always be able to see if anyone is coming through the door. It’s not called the power position for nothing!


Even  though you may be sleeping in your bed alone right now, create room for a partner. It’s not hard. By placing a pair of nightstands and bedside lamps on either side of your bed you’ll send out the energetic message there’s room for two. Pairs signal that couples are welcome here!

If you and your partner are sleeping together, awesome. Make sure you both have a night side table to support balance and equality in your romance.


Be sure your bed has plenty of room for you and your partner. It’s good energy to keep personal items such as stuffed animals or excess pillows off your bed.

Send the universe an energetic sign that there’s lots of room for the two of you. Keep your bed ready for love and romance!

Don’t forget to make your bed inviting with soft cozy sheets and pillows. Keeping it clear of clothing, animals (real or stuffed!) or anything else that may cramp your passion is the way to let love in.

feng shui bedroom

More bedroom tips


Take a look at the art or photos you have in your bedroom. Do they reflect love and romance? If not, why not take those pictures of you by yourself (or with kids or a friend) and move them to another place like your study or family room where everyone can enjoy them.

Keep your bedroom just for you and your loved one. Everything in your bedroom should attract the energy of a happy two-some.

So dig out those photos or art of twosomes or lovers to attract that energy. You could use a photo or statue of a pair of birds for example. Have fun with this and use your imagination!


Creating a calm sanctuary is your goal right? Unfortunately mirrors in the bedroom may bounce energy around and cause restlessness – the opposite of calm.

Which is not a good idea when you want to keep your space relaxed. If you really need a mirror, think about where you can place it so it’s out of sight.

The one time a mirror in the bedroom is useful is to “see” your doorway when you’re laying in bed. If you’re not able to place your bed facing the door, a “mirror” view of the door is the next best thing to provide a sense of security.


Personally I believe color dictates a room’s vibe more than any other element. Consider adding touches of soft colors like pink or cream to your bedroom. Not only are these colors soothing but incredibly flattering to our skin in any light!

Pink and shades of pink can still feel masculine if paired with navy, gray or brown.

Even if you love deep dark colors, consider lightening the room up with some soft colored accent pillows, art or furniture.

Bedrooms are to relax and chill out in. Avoid strong energetic colors such as red in your bedroom. Instead use them in a kitchen, bathroom or family room.



The next step is to remove anything tech that brings the outside world into your sanctuary. Your bedroom should be a place for relaxation, sleep and sex!

Anything else brings disharmony and distraction. Unplug your phone and iPad; banish the TV and computers.

In fact don’t even consider having a work desk in your bedroom. Who wants to be reminded of work in bed? Don’t let it creep in and interfere with the romance and sleep vibe you’re trying for.


Don’t forget to declutter your bedroom too. This is SO important. It’s not just about clearing off the bed.

Make sure any laundry, past mementos from former lovers or knick knacks that don’t support a love vibe are banned from the boudoir.

Even if something is hidden it still represents energy. Do yourself and your partner a favor and get rid of any stuff tucked away in closets that holds a negative past.


Don’t forget to clear clutter from under the bed too. If you have to store bedding under the bed, use soft bags to store it in.

Definitely don’t store anything that will create sharp, hard energy. Sports equipment, weapons or files under the bed will not only disrupt your love life but your sleep too!


In a relationship? If you’ve got photos of you and your loved one, put them out where you can see them. This will boost your sense of being in love. Especially true on those days you may not feel in the mood if you know what I mean.

Remind yourself of the good times you’ve had. Get yourself back in that positive energetic flow so they can return!


Forget about overhead lights in your bedroom or put dimmer switches on them. Yes they come in handy when you need bright light to clean, but they stink at creating a romantic mood.

Keep bedroom lighting soft and dimmable. Bedside lamps are just perfect for creating a welcoming glow. Try soft white or pink bulbs.

Relationship Areas in Your Home Need Love Too

Now that you’ve amped up the love vibes in your bedroom, why not pay attention to the other relationship areas in your home?

According to feng shui, the southwest corner of ANY room or home is the relationship area.


feng shui relationship area


Use the compass on your phone to check. Walk in your front door and see where the compass points you. Which room is in the southwest corner?

That’s your home’s relationship zone. It could be your family room, kitchen or study.

Really doesn’t matter which room it is, but that area is where you can attract more love by paying attention to what you put there.

Any cures or tips for adding love to the bedroom are good to use here too.

Decorate with pairs or symbols of love.

If for example, your kitchen is in the southwest corner of your home you’ll want to put the pics of you and the kids in another room. Replace them with art in pairs just as you did in the bedroom. Keep it clean 😉

As the southwest corner of your home is the relationship zone, the same applies to the southwest corner of each room.

Let’s say your kitchen is in the northwest corner of your home. Figure out where the southwest corner of the kitchen is and decorate it to support love and harmony. All it takes is your compass and a bit of imagination. Have fun with it. What have you got to lose?

Think of increasing your love energy throughout the house with feng shui. Your home’s relationship areas aka love zones, are just waiting for your energetic touches to attract romance and LOVE!!