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12 Feng Shui Secrets to Attracting More Love + Harmony @home

Feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is the ancient Chinese art of achieving balance and harmony by managing the flow of energy or chi. Feng shui literally means “wind water”. In Chinese culture this is good energy!

According to the principles of feng shui, all things have energy. Even things like furniture and walls.

Feng shui can guide us on where to place household items to get the best energetic result. Good feng shui creates harmony, happiness, good health and wealth. Chinese beliefs are; if you ignore feng shui, you may be inviting the opposite of harmony – disharmony!

We don’t want disharmony and conflict do we? Especially in the bedroom!

feng shui for love in the bedroom


Or any room where happiness and good vibes can benefit from a little feng shui adjustment.

Feng shui shows us how and it’s not that complicated. Whether you believe or not, why not give it a try? Why have you got to lose. ┬áSuspend your skepticism and get out your compass (more on that later).

Let’s try out these ancient feng shui remedies in the bedroom and the relationship area of our home!

How to Attract More Bedroom Love and Harmony with Feng Shui

  1. Let’s start with the most important piece of furniture – your bed! A bed with a solid headboard against a wall (not a window) will support those sleeping in it. So if you don’t currently have a headboard why not think about adding one? Make it soft and upholstered or solid wood, but make sure it supports you while you’re sleeping or getting served breakfast in bed ­čÖéfeng shui bedroom layout
  2. While we’re talking about beds, keep this in mind. As you’re laying in your bed, it’s ideal if you’re facing any door or entrance as this also promotes security. You always want to be able to see who’s coming through the door.
  3. Keep a pair of nightstands and lamps on either side of the bed even if you’re currently sleeping in it alone. This sends out the energetic message that there’s room for a potential partner. Pairs of anything signal couples are welcome here!
  4. For the same reason, keep personal items such as stuffed animals or excess pillows off your bed. Your bed needs to have room for you and your partner. It’s as if you’re telling the universe, I have lots of room for the two of us and this bed is meant for love, sex and romance.feng shui bedroom
  5. Any artwork in your bedroom should also reflect love. So take those pictures of you by yourself (or you with a child or friend) and move them out of your bedroom to another room. Put up art or photos of twosomes or lovers as a way to attract that same energy.
  6. If you have a mirror in the bedroom make sure it isn’t facing the bed. Mirrors bounce energy around and create a feeling of restlessness. The only use for a mirror in the bedroom would be to “see” your doorway if you’re not able to have your bed facing the door.
  7. Consider adding touches of soft colors such as pink to the bedroom or bathroom walls. Personally I believe color dictates a room’s vibe more than any other element. Pink and shades of pink can still feel masculine if paired with navy or gray. Avoid strong energetic colors such as red. Unless you’re not using your bedroom to sleep in! feng shui tips bedroom
  8. Take out any elements that bring the outside world into your sanctuary. Your bedroom should be a place for relaxation, sleep and sex! Anything else brings disharmony and distraction. Unplug your phone and iPad; banish the TV and any desktop computer. In fact don’t even consider having a work desk in your bedroom. A work vibe will interfere with romance and sleep.
  9. Declutter your bedroom. You don’t want any laundry, past momentos from former lovers or any knick knacks that don’t support a love vibe. Even if something is hidden it still represents energy.
  10. Clear clutter from under the bed and closets too. If you have to store bedding under the bed, use soft bags to store it in. Definitely don’t store anything that will create sharp, hard energy. Sports equipment, weapons and files under the bed will not only disrupt your love life but your sleep too.
  11. If you’re in a relationship, place photos of the two of you where you can see them, to boost your sense of being in love. This is especially true if you may not feel in the mood right now!
  12. Keep lighting soft and dimmable. Nuff said.

Relationship Areas in Your Home Need Love Too

While you’re amping up love vibes in your bedroom, pay attention to the other relationship areas in your home.

According to feng shui, the southwest corner is energetically the relationship area. This applies to each room in your home as well as to the whole house.

feng shui relationship area


For example if you walk in your front door and your living room is in southwest corner, that’s your homes’ relationship area. Any cures or tips for adding love to the bedroom are good to use here too. Obviously you don’t have a bed in the living room, but you can still use pairs of things to decorate that corner of the house with.

What if the kitchen is in the southwest corner of your home? Same deal. Put the pictures of you and the kids in another room and keep the kitchen just for pairs or two of anything.

As the southwest corner of your home is also the relationship zone, the same applies to the southwest corner of each room.

Let’s say your kitchen is in the northwest corner of your home. Figure out where the southwest corner of the kitchen is and decorate it to support love and harmony. All it takes is a compass and a bit of imagination!

Think of increasing your love energy throughout the house with feng shui. Your home’s relationship areas aka love zones, are just waiting for your energetic touches to attract romantic happy times!

feng shui for love in the bedroom