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14 IKEA Products You Must Have to Organize Your Kitchen

Can your kitchen ever be too organized? I don’t think so. There’s always one drawer/shelf/counter that needs a little extra love right?

If only you had that perfect product to keep your kitchen counters clear or your utensils from taking over a drawer.

Here’s the IKEA products I really like, some I use already and others I covet (Tornviken island!).  It’s summer of 2019 so some of these may not be available yet where you live, but should be coming soon to your IKEA.

1. KNODD bin with lid – $19.99
Color: Gray, white and blue
Capacity: 11 gallon

I first noticed this bin at an Airbnb we stayed at. Love the classic pail look and the lid can hook onto the side handle. This keeps hands free for easy filling or emptying. Comes in three colors so you’re bound to find one that works with your kitchen decor.

It would be easy to put a bin or trash can liner inside. Even a standing paper bag. You can use these for trash, recyclables or even pet food. Super versatile and best of all, they look like a stylish farmhouse bucket.

Ikea kitchen organization
Image courtesy IKEA

2. MJOSA pedal bin with lid – $39.99
Color: White with brushed stainless trim – black inner bin
Capacity: 8 gallon

This is a new bin at IKEA and I like the sleek look. It’s always nice to have a foot pedal so you can lift the lid without using your hands.

Even better there’s an inner bin with a handle to make it easy to pull out and empty. If you have a small kitchen and nowhere to put a bin under the sink, this stylish one is a great solution.

Ikea kitchen organization
Image courtesy IKEA

3. VARIERA – trash or recycling can with handle – $3.99
Color: White
Capacity: 3 gallon

This is a super cool little container for tiny kitchens that attaches to the inside of your cabinet door. You can use it for food waste, recyclables or trash.

I like the fact it’s out of the way and out of sight. Use a roll of small garbage bags or recycle your plastic shopping bags in it.

Ikea kitchen organization
Image courtesy IKEA

4. VARIERA Shelf Unit – $5.99 + $4.99
Color: White
Size: 12 5/8″ x 11″ or 12 5/8″ x 5 1/8″

This product will change your life. Once you start stacking your plates inside your cabinets with these you’ll wonder how you got by without them. They’re perfect for stacking side plates on top of dinner plates and so on.

Don’t forget to measure the inside of your cabinets before you order.

There are two sizes, both the same width but two different depths. The shallow 5 1/8″ depth would be perfect in the back of your cabinet to stack tall glassware or wine glasses on as show here.

Ikea kitchen organization
Image courtesy IKEA

5. VARIERA Pot Lid Organizer – $7.99
Color: Silver
Size: 5 3/4″ wide by 3 1/4 up to 19 3/4″

This is kind of genius when you think about it. It’s a pot lid organizer that conforms to your drawer space. It “accordions” in or out to fit your drawer. No more wrestling with those lids that seem to multiply every time you go to put them away!

If you don’t have a dedicated drawer to use, it could still work on the floor of a cabinet.

Ikea kitchen organization
Image courtesy IKEA

6. STODJA Flatware Organizer – $3.99 + 2.99
Color: White
Size: 14″ x 20″ or 11 3/8″ x 20

Here’s an easy solution to those drawers where the silverware or utensils are all jumbled up. Or is that just me? There’s different sizes and configurations so you can make it fit the drawer space you have.

If you have tiny drawers the Stodja line also has individual pieces that let you mix and match.

Ikea kitchen organization
Image courtesy IKEA

7. SKADIS Pegboard Combo – $39.98
A single Skadis pegboard is $14.99
Color: Black, Wood, White
Size: 22″ x 22″ each panel. This combo has two so it’s 22″ x 44″

Sold as individual panels and as combos like this one, the Skadis pegboard takes advantage of any free wall space you have in your kitchen. This combo includes the hooks to hang pots and utensils on it.

You can also buy individual panels and the holders to hang what you need without buying the combo.

Just do your research and make sure the wall you want to hang it on can handle the weight of the board and any hanging pans.  Ideally your wall should have wood or metal “studs” the 2″ x 4″ pieces the wallboard is attached to. You want to find these by tapping or with a stud finder or magnet.

Ikea kitchen organization
Image courtesy IKEA

8. VARDAGEN Jar with Lid – $5.99 + $4.99 + $2.99
Color: Clear Glass
Sizes: 64 oz + 61 + 10 oz

I just bought the large round Vardagen jar to put tea bags in, but they’re also perfect for cookies, pasta or flour. Storing in glass jars is a great way to organize your cupboards and clean up the counter tops. Glass storage is healthier and recyclable too. Seeing what you have makes it easier to know when to refill.

The tall Vardagen jar is perfect for dry spaghetti. If you have the room get several all the same size and your counter tops and pantry will thank you.

Ikea kitchen organization
Images courtesy IKEA

9. ORTFYLLD Spice Jar – Set of 2 $2.99
Color: Glass and Stainless Steel

I’m not even going to try and pronounce these! Why not clean up your spice rack with these clear glass jars with metal lids. I bought multiples of these and I like how the top creates a seal and is easy to pull off when you’re in the middle of cooking. No screw top! They fit the Variera drawer spice holder by the way.

The reviews for these jars complained there was no shaker top. So keep that in mind. Make your own labels or simply write on the jar with marker. Here’s some printable farmhouse style spice jar labels. Or the Container Store carries pre-printed labels.

Ikea kitchen organization
Image courtesy IKEA

10. GARNERA 2 tiered Serving Stand – $17.99
Color: White
Size: 11 1/2″ dia x 13″ H

Here’s your counter top secret weapon. What do you do with fruit and avocados when you bring them home from the store? I found having a 2 tier stand like this is perfect to ripen fruit and display it until it gets eaten!

Takes up very little space on your counter.

Plus it can multi-task. Having a party? The Garnera stand can double as a display piece for your cupcakes or holiday cookies!

Ikea kitchen organization
Image courtesy IKEA

11. TORNVIKEN – $399.
Color: White Base with Oak Veneer Top
Size: 49 3/8″ x 30 3/8″

The ultimate weapon when organizing your kitchen is more storage space. This classic looking island not only has handy shelves on one side but a space to pull up a couple of counter stools on the other. Or so it appears from the photo. The description is lacking details.

I think this would make a huge difference to any kitchen. More counter space and more storage. What’s not to love?

Ikea kitchen organization
Image courtesy IKEA

If you decide to go for the Tornviken or you like the classic white look, there are other free standing shelves available to boost your counter top storage. Like this open cabinet. Perfect for storing wine bottles or cookbooks…. am I right?

IKEA shelving
Image courtesy IKEA


12. BOYSENBAR Plant Pot – $12.99
Color: Gray Concrete Finish
Size: 8 3/4″ H

You’re probably wondering, what’s she talking about. A plant pot? The sneaky hack here is using a nice heavy weight pot like this one as counter top storage for your kitchen utensils. I swear by it.

I have one next to the stove top and all my spatulas, whisks and wooden spoons go in there. They’re handy for cooking and don’t hog valuable drawer space.

A heavy weight canister or pot holds utensils securely and doesn’t tip over. Actually any pottery or heavy glass container works too.

Ikea kitchen organization
Image courtesy IKEA

13. FULLANDAD 5 Piece Kitchen Utensil Set – $4.99
Color: Gray

These are one of those amazing deals you get at IKEA. I just set up a new kitchen and grabbed this non stick utensil set. Neutral color, good price and very functional. They went right into my pot next to the stove top!

Image courtesy IKEA

14. GRUNKA 4 piece kitchen utensil set – $5.99
Color: Stainless Steel

Add a little more functionality to your utensil pot with a stainless steel spoon, pasta server and ladle. Just the right touch of metal to add a little shine to your utensil pot.

IKEA kitchen organization
Image courtesy IKEA

There you go. The kitchen organizers you need right now from IKEA.

Head off to your nearest IKEA to browse or if you don’t have a store near you, hop online and shop there. Be sure to check “available in store” to avoid disappointment. I learned this lesson the hard way 😉

ikea kitchen organization