14 Laundry Room Organization Ideas to Make Life Easier

The perfect laundry room should have storage for laundry soap, space to hang shirts plus ideally a flat surface to fold clothes as they come out of the dryer. 

But many of us don’t have the room we need to organize our laundry space the way we’d like it. 

Laundry room organization based on the type of washer/dryer you have.

  • Top loaders are easier to load and unload, but they can’t be stacked so they take up more room especially large capacity machines.  Top loading washers may have an agitator but HE or high efficiency models don’t. Instead they tumble clothes using a steady stream of water to rinse. 
  • Front loaders are stackable but usually taller than top loaders especially when you install a pedestal. No room to to stack your set? You’ll end up reaching to store laundry products. Not bad if you’re tall, but inconvenient if you’re not. Front loaders are prone to get moldy because water can sit in the door gasket.

I personally prefer top loading machines, although the last one we bought was so deep I felt like I needed a booster to grab the clothes from the bottom of the drum!

Both front loading machines and HE machines use less water on average than older top loading washers. If saving water is important to you, consider the potential savings when you go to buy a new machine.

How can you make the laundry room space you have more efficient too? Doing laundry is less of a chore when you’ve got a little help.

14 Laundry Room Storage & Organization Ideas


If you need tall storage next to your stackable washer/dryer

laundry room organization
Image courtesy IKEA

Got a stackable washer dryer but not much storage space in your laundry room?  Take a look at these tall cabinets from IKEA that don’t take up much space.

The Sektion is available in different configurations and finishes. These narrow cabinets have slide-out interior wire baskets. Perfect for storing laundry products, folded clothes or towels. 

Sektion is designed for kitchens too. If your laundry “room” is in your kitchen, here’s the perfect solution to integrate both.

See if Sektion from IKEA might be right for your laundry space.



If you don’t have hanging space in your laundry room and need to pre-sort

laundry room organization
Image courtesy Home Depot

This rolling cart with hanging rod allows you to sort clothes into different washes, delicates, whites and colors. Wheels are lockable.

Each removeable bag is over 15” wide with 2 cu ft storage. Store the cart in your laundry room to hang clothes up right out of the dryer. Put it in your walk-in closet to collect the weeks laundry.

How would you use it?

Look and see if this rolling cart at Home Depot will work for you.


If you want a method to presort your laundry

laundry room organization
Image courtesy of Home Depot

This option gives you the three individual laundry bags without the clothes rod so its more affordable. Isn’t it quicker to sort clothes ahead of wash day?

The sturdy rolling cart will make moving it from bedroom to laundry room easy and the removable bags are machine washable.

Look and see what you think on Home Depot. Will this 3 bag cart fit in your laundry room?


If you’ve ever been tempted to steal the laundromat cart

laundry room organization
Image courtesy of Home Depot

Love this version of a laundromat cart that even has the useful clothes rack for hangers.

It’s big enough to hold 1-2 loads of wash and easy to roll from room to room. When it comes time for taking hot towels and clothes out of the dryer you’ll have a handy place to dump them until you have time to sort and fold.

Check out the laundry butler on Home Depot to see if the size will work for your home.


If you have NO space for clothes to air dry

laundry room organization
Image courtesy of Home Depot

What if you don’t have a laundry room?  Perhaps what you really need is a low profile option to dry a few clothes. If so, this compact retractable rack can do the job.

Not a flimsy line, these heavy duty aluminum rods equal 20 linear feet of drying space. It says it’s easy to install and comes with the mounting hardware. If you hate the look of a clothes line, then this one folds neatly against the wall when not in use.

Would this rack give you the drying space you need? 


If you need extra drying space for sweaters and undies

laundry room organization
Image courtesy of Home Depot

Folding laundry racks are a staple in Europe but you rarely see them in the US. Why not be eco friendly and take advantage of sunny window or deck to dry delicates? 

Hand washables like sweaters and bras do better drying naturally. I love to finish drying pillows and towels on a rack too to save a little energy. 

See if this drying rack from Home Depot is the green option you’ve been looking for.


If you want your bras to last longer but don’t like handwashing

laundry room organization
Image courtesy of Container Store

Once I picked up a mesh laundry bag, I don’t know how I got by without one. If you’re lazy like me and don’t like handwashing, then this mesh bag is going to make your life a whole lot easier.

I pop bras and now of course my mask, in one of these bags and drop it in the washer. I like to think I’m saving extra water by not handwashing, but like I said, I’m lazy! 

Your bras and masks will last longer than if you just chuck them in with your clothes and these bags last forever. 

Don’t your bras deserve a little love? 


If you want to hide dirty laundry in something that looks nice

laundry room organization
Image courtesy of Home Depot

Sometimes it’s easier finding vertical space for a hamper either in the bathroom or bedroom. Those low laundry baskets take up a lot of room and dirty clothes aren’t the prettiest sight in the world are they?

This hamper with lid comes in several neutral colors and has the advantage of making your dirty clothes almost invisible. Which is always a plus.

See if the size of this hamper works in your space. I found it at Home Depot.


If you want a cute laundry hamper that doesn’t look like a hamper

laundry room organization

Designed to look like a mail sorting bag, this heavy duty canvas hamper on wheels would be perfect for a dorm room, kids playroom or farmhouse laundry.

With wheels and locking casters, it should be easy to roll from room to room plus it’s collapsible for moving or storing.

I love things that do double duty and I can see this as a toy box, blanket storage or cushion barn too!

Home Depot has this cute laundry hamper on wheels.


If you have zero space to store detergents, dryer sheets etc.

laundry room organization
Image courtesy of Container Store

These rolling carts are perfect for storing laundry products like detergent, softener or dryer balls in one convenient location. The bonus is they fit in almost any space.

Put the large bottles up top and add baskets to the bottom shelves to corral smaller items like your mesh wash bags.

Container Store stocks this slim rolling cart, will it fit?


If you need a little help to Kondo those t-shirts

laundry room organization
Image courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

Got a houseful of boys who wear t-shirts all the time? What if you could wrangle all those shirts into a nice neat pile right out of the dryer? 

Reviews are a little mixed and I confess I haven’t tried this one, but if you thrive on order over chaos, this could be a life changer. At least for your closet.

Bed Bath & Beyond stocks this organizing system.


If you need hanging and storage space but don’t have floor space

laundry room organization
Image courtesy of Home Depot

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Moisture resistant white vinyl finish over metal shelving that’s ideal for laundry rooms. 

Could you use 4 ft of hanging space with a storage shelf above for those big boxes of detergent and jumbo packages of toilet paper?

With 40lbs load capacity, you won’t have to worry about loading it up. 

Home Depot stocks this ClosetMaid laundry shelf with rod. Why not measure and see if it fits?


If you need a folding table with storage underneath for detergent

laundry room organization
Image courtesy of Home Depot

Talk about an all purpose table. Although stainless steel might not be your first choice for the laundry room, why not? So much easier to clean than a wood or laminate top. Easy to disinfect too.

Sturdy, 4 ft wide and 2 ft deep, this gives you just enough space to fold laundry without taking up a lot of room. The bottom shelf alone will hold up to 500 lbs so your laundry detergents and basket will be no problem. 

Made of 100% steel with a stainless steel top, its durable and will last forever.

Found this laundry table on Home Depot.


If you need a hamper that fits in tight spaces and collapses

laundry room organization
Image courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

If you live in an older home with tiny closets you know how difficult it can be to find a hamper that fits. This collapsible hamper is only 11″ wide with convenient handles to carry it from room to room if needed.

Lightweight and portable, it’s the perfect hamper for those tight squeeze spaces like a small laundry room or closet.

Bed Bath and Beyond stocks this collapsible hamper. IKEA makes a similar one in the SKUBB line.