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14 Lush Display Ideas for Your House Plant Collection

Ready to add some gorgeous green house plants to your home?

Perhaps you’ve already got a house plant crush and can’t stop buying.  Or is that just me?

Buy some easy care plants to get started. You’ll want to put them where they’ll get the light they need.

Bought some that are OK with low light like the Peace Lily? Group them in a spot where they get some indirect light such as a north or east facing window. This is often perfect for plants that don’t need a lot of direct light.

The plants who appreciate a half day or more of light like cactus and succulents will be happiest close to a window or under a skylight. Even light loving plants like ficus and pothos don’t like being in direct sun, so keep them in a bright area with morning or filtered sun only.

Once you get the hang of picking out the right plants for your space and caring for them, you’ll get all the benefits too.

Here’s some inspiring and gorgeous house plant decor ideas for your new plant buddies:

hanging house plant decor

1. Make a hanging pole or cord in front of a window to display your hanging house plants. Use wire or heavy duty cord. Attach to the ceiling at least every foot with hooks. Leave enough space to hook your hanger or an S hook on for those macrame planters. You can also suspend a pole with leather straps or metal chains if you want to create two levels of hanging space one in front of the other as shown here. Of course you can simply attach hooks into your ceiling, but this gives you more flexibility and allows you to move and re-arrange hanging pots as needed.


house plant decor

2. Grouping your plants together not only makes it easier to water them but they’ll look better too. See how some plants have been stacked on small stools or benches? Creating different heights to display your plants is the secret to a lush display. Having the one big plant against the wall creates a focal point by drawing your eyes up and takes advantage of the height in the room. Which is always a good thing.


house plant decor

3. These natural woven baskets are popping up all over the place. This basket conveniently has hangers woven onto it. IKEA has a similar one called Fladis.  Adding some texture and natural woven materials in your plant display is essential for a boho or natural vibe. Some plants, like this birds nest fern, like to have air movement around their leaves, so it’s going to be a happy camper in this hanging basket.


house plant decor

4. Succulents look best when they’re grouped together. This plant display is an entire garden’s worth! Succulents and cactus are easy to take care of and need little water, but they do like lots of light. Keep in mind larger cactus can be top heavy so make sure to plant them into a heavier pot to keep them stable on your shelf. Best to put them on the floor or a lower shelf. These shelf racks are easily found at any big box hardware store. They’re specifically meant to carry a lot of weight per shelf.


house plant decor

5. Here’s another trick from a house plant boutique. Use a sturdy garment rack like this one from Habitat to display your hanging plants above with your smaller plants on the shelf below. If you find one with wheels, even better. Then you can gently move it if needed. Rotating your plants to get the light they need is a good idea. Make sure the hanging rod is able to take the weight of your plants like this one that has a metal pole bolted to a wood shelf. This rack from Home Depot is similar.


house plant decor

6. These succulent plants make a nice grouping on top of a fireplace mantel that gets good light. A mantel is a good display place because it’s about at eye level and you can easily see them from anywhere in the room. Keeping all the pots similar in color and style helps make this look work. Having plants of different heights makes it visually appealing too. Keep in mind it if you’re using the fireplace in the winter, you may have to move your plants to a cooler spot!


house plant display

7. Another idea to steal from a store display, don’t these little cacti look adorable placed in this three tier wooden display? Normally used for cakes, it’s a perfect size for small pots. Larger pots and plants would also work, as would anything that trails down the sides. Can you picture this on your kitchen counter or sideboard? You can find something similar on Wayfair.


house plant decor

8. Trailing plants on a bookshelf and inside a hanging light fixture create a warm and relaxed vibe to this space. Do you have a light fixture that you could fit some small little trailing pots in? Spider plants and pothos plants like these are very easy to propagate just by pinching off a leave with a node and popping it into a glass of water until they root. The large Monstera plant to the right helps to balance it all and gives this room a big shot of personality. Green personality.


house plant decor display

9. A french wire basket plant stand is a really pretty way to display these Marantha plants. Or your indoor herb garden. Grouping plants together like this helps the plant too because it creates a little eco-system of moisture. I can picture this plant stand in a master bath can’t you? Keep an eye out in hobby stores, antique stores or flea markets to find your own.


house plant decor

10. This beautiful cactus is a focal point for this corner of the room. With all the natural textures around it, its bold green shape anchors the color scheme. These cacti are super low maintenance to take care of as they need little water and almost no care. I had one in Florida that I ended up planting outside because it got too big for the house! Just be careful with them around kids and pets as they can be spiky. You can find a similar basket at IKEA.


house plant decor

11. This display caught my eye outside a flower shop. To make something similar all you would have to do is make an easy bench with some found lumber or pieces of pallet. Stack it on bricks or blocks and stain it dark. Then stack some wooden fruit crates or boxes you find at your local hardware store, Amazon or a flea market. Use the same stain if you want on the boxes to match your shelf. You’ve just created a rustic looking storage shelf for your plants! This would look great on a patio or balcony too.


house plant decor

12.  If you’ve got a sunken tub or whirlpool bath that gets natural light, why not create your own little jungle room like this one? Boston ferns and pothos are both easy to care for and love a little humidity. The pothos could be trained to climb up the wall with a little string or tape. Keep the watering can nearby.


house plant display

13. The mistletoe cactus hanging down from the shelf here look even fuller when they’re displayed this way. Create shelves at different heights and make sure your brackets are sturdy enough to hold the weight of all your plants.



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14. Isn’t this lush? This hanging planter could easily be created using a pallet or a section of decking or fence. Turn a section of decking or fence into a frame by attaching 2×4’s to the edges to hide the planter pots. Or you could simply build a shallow box.  Add super strong hooks to both the hanging planter frame and your ceiling and attach either heavy duty rope or metal cable as a hanger.

Half the fun of plants in the house is displaying them in new and unique ways. Have fun with yours!

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