3 Simple Rules You Need to Be Unbelievably Organized

Wouldn’t it feel great to never worry about being disorganized again? I’ve figured out there’s just three little rules that make organization a piece of cake.

I’ve learned the hard way that if I let myself slide or “forget” the rules pretty soon my Kondo’d closets start falling apart.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s not pretty when our stuff takes over.

Why Is It So Hard to Stay Organized?

There’s SO many different organization hacks and products to use. It’s hard to know where to start.

There’s one method to organize a pantry and another to whip a clothes drawer back into shape.

We have to spend a paycheck at IKEA to get our shoes under control. Not only that but it has to spark joy so we don’t feel guilty keeping it!

Let’s not forget all the towels, sheets and blankets we need to stash. I don’t know about you but my guest bed only comes out when guests are staying. Meanwhile all that bed linen has to go somewhere.

Finding room for all our stuff is just the beginning. We need to remember where we put it!

Do you remember where you stashed your Christmas lights? Or the very high heels you only wore once to a wedding?

The Benefits of Being Organized

Being organized is a happy place where there’s room for everything and we remember where we put it.

Because when we forget what we own we end up buying it again. Am I right? So all of a sudden you have three half full cans of off white paint in different finishes and you can’t remember what room they go in. Or where the paintbrush and roller is. So you go out and buy more.

You can be the kind of person who knows exactly what she has and where to find it when she needs it.

Here’s what I’ve discovered and it’s not complicated. Best of all you can use these rules to organize anything! From your fridge to your garage to your life. Let’s go.

Everything in your home can be organized using 3 simple rules.

    1. Group everything by how you use it

    2. Create a dedicated space for groups of items

    3. No more room? Toss it.

1. Group Everything by Use

You’re going to love this one, especially if you have trouble remembering where you put stuff.

Always group things together by their use. When you need something you’ll know exactly where to find it.

Use inexpensive storage baskets to keep small items together. Spice racks for spices and condiments. IKEA has some great clothes organizers like STUK and SKUBB.


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Here’s some examples of grouping…

Baking supplies; flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder
Cereals; Chex, granola, muesli, oatmeal, Raisin Bran
Cans/tins: soup, vegetables, fruit
Condiments: Salt, pepper, herbs, spices, seasoning mix
Pasta/Grains: Spaghetti, rice, mac n cheese, noodles
Vegetables: Potatoes, onions, garlic

Dairy: sour cream, butter, cheese, milk, creamer
Vegetables: Salad mix, carrots, cucumber, celery
Dressings: salad dressing, oil, mayo

Cleaning: Sponges, toilet cleaner, scrubber, washing liquid

Wash: Laundry detergent, softener, bleach, drying sheets, racks
Cleaning: Swiffer, broom, dust mop, vacuum, dust pan

Linens: Sheets, pillowcases, extra pillows, blankets
Towels: Bath and hand, washcloths, bathmat

Group your clothes by style to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. All t shirts together in one drawer for example. Plus it’s easier to fold or roll similar items.


Group your hanging clothes together by style too. All shirts together, pants etc. Makes it easy to go to exactly what you’re looking for. Unfortunately it won’t solve the “I have nothing to wear” problem ;(

Next step, always keep your things in the same place.

2. Create a Dedicated Space

The next rule for keeping your stuff unbelievably organized? Dedicate a space where you store each group of things. This is the :: angels singing:: secret sauce.

Another way to look at it. Keep your stuff in “buckets”.

So for example, all baking stuff goes on one shelf, one basket or in a dedicated bucket. When you buy more pantry type baking goodies like icing sugar or cocoa, you put them away in the same place.

When you buy a new t shirt it gets folded and placed in the drawer with the other t shirts. When you do laundry, the clean shirts go back with the other shirts.


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Sounds a little basic, but it really works. Putting stuff back where we got it is just SO unbelievably cosmically useful.

This is where a lot of us trip ourselves up, because we get lazy. We put off putting things away or we don’t put them back with their tribe.

Group first; then pick your bucket or space. Easy right?

3. No More Room? Toss It.

Last but definitely not least is the rule of “No room? No stay”. When you live by this rule you’ll always have room for your stuff. That top shelf where all my baking things go? I still have plenty of room because I did a clear out as I’m not doing a lot of baking right now.

Now if you look at my t shirt drawer that’s another story. Something may have to go there soon, because I’ve brought a couple of souvenir shirts home and space is getting a little tight.

What do you tend to accumulate?

Be a little tough with yourself on this one. Grouping and storing in buckets doesn’t work when there’s no room left.

If you’re a Bake Off fan, then your baking shelf or bucket may be at bursting point. What can you toss or use up? Check sell by dates and go for it.

Now if you collect motorcycles or shoes it might be a little more challenging. But you got this!

The 3 Simple Rules of Bossing Your Stuff Around

  1. Group everything by how you use it. Keep things together that go together

  2. Keep everything that goes together in one place or “bucket”

  3. When the “bucket” gets full, let go of stuff to make more room

It seems so simple and well basic, but trust me it works. Try it and see. What have you got to lose!