3 Ways to Organize + Transform Your Home for the Holidays

It’s still summer sweet summer but let’s face it. We know the holidays will be here before we know it.

If you love to cram the holidays into the last few weeks, then you won’t need to read this!

But if you don’t like to wait until the last minute and you’d love to get organized before the holidays then I got it.

You want this year to be different and the holidays wrapped, NOT out of control.

Transforming your home for the holidays is a snap if you start early and take advantage of the calendar. You know time.

To relax and enjoy the holidays and make them special, the best way to avoid last minute holiday stress is to have a game plan.

3 Ways to Organize and Transform Your Home for the Holidays

1. Organize

2. Clean

3. Accessorize

That’s it! Start with organizing, then clean, and finish up with home decor and accessories.

organize for the holidays


First step: How to organize your home in time for the holidays.

Giving ourselves a specific schedule helps to stay on track. We’re going to channel our inner Marie Kondo here and get er done in this short time frame to stay on target and lessen distractions. Sound like a plan?

1. Schedule it!

As soon as the kids go back to school make a note on your calendar or bullet journal that’s the day you get started.

Here’s what you’re going to write down. This is just an example, you can change the dates and notes to what works for you.

September 15 – When I want to start organizing
October 30 – When I want to be finished.

A September 15th start and October 30 finish, is about 45 days. If you have 5 rooms to tackle, divide 45 by 5 for 9 days per room.

Give yourself 7 days for each room. Allow a breather of two days between each room to clean. We’ll get that to that in the next post.

Don’t have kids or don’t make a big deal about Hallowe’en? You can easily extend your time frame.

A September 15th start and November 15 finish gives you 60 days. That’s 12 days to organize and clean 5 rooms.

organize guest room


2. Choose the rooms you want to organize.

Pick the rooms that really need it, especially if you’ll be using them for guests or entertaining.

For example:

  1. Living or Family Room
  2. Dining Room
  3. Master Bedroom/Bath
  4. Guest Bedroom/Bath
  5. Kitchen

Unless you have tons of time don’t try to organize your entire home in this time frame. I will suggest you make your master bedroom a priority, so you have a clean, organized space to relax and recharge in!

3. Use your calendar or bullet journal to write down  the rooms you want to tackle.

organize for the holidays
Want to get started by September 15th? Here’s what five rooms in 45 days looks like.

4.  As you finish each room, cross it off your calendar.


How to Organize Rooms Step by Step.

You’ve committed to a schedule on your calendar or journal and now you’re ready.

Organizing is not just putting everything in its place. It’s also about getting rid of what you don’t use so you have room for what you DO need.

Think of it as an inventory. What don’t you need and what do you need to make this room function better?

Step 1 – Clear

Take out anything that doesn’t belong in the room. For example toys in the dining room. Ask yourself as you pick up the toy, is it a keeper?

If it is then put it where it belongs, in the playroom or kids room. If it isn’t something you want to keep, get two large trash bags.

Use one bag for items to donate and one for items to throw away.

Keep going through the room until you’ve taken everything out that doesn’t belong in the dining room. If you’re planning on using your dining room for holiday entertaining,  think about how to make space for everyone to sit down to a meal.

If you’re clearing out a guest room or living room, think about having company over to stay. Have you cleared out enough to make the room comfortable and inviting?

Step 2 – Put Away

Once everything that doesn’t belong is out of the room, organize what’s left. If you’re organizing your dining room make sure all the china is stacked and ready. Do you have a place for napkins, silverware and serving dishes. Clear off tops of buffets or side tables to make room for holiday decor.

organize living room

If you’re organizing a guest bedroom, think about what you may need to hang onto and what to let go of. You only need two sets of sheets for each bed plus blankets and duvets. Pillows too. Two per bed or two per person is ideal.

Is the closet organized and ready for guests. Do you have enough pretty hangers?

After you’ve removed anything that doesn’t belong or fit, take a good look at what’s left in each room.

Can you make the room function better? Organizing is also about freeing up space to create better flow. Can you re-arrange your sofa or chairs to make a better seating arrangement?

Do you need to find a bookcase or shelving to stack books or collections on in the family room?

Would a functional ottoman or foot stool with storage make your living room more clutter free?

october calendar
Want to finish by October 30? Here’s what 5 rooms in 45 days looks like.

Step 3 – Make a List

You’ve cleared out everything that doesn’t belong and organized what’s left. Humble brag.

The last step is taking a pass through each room and making a list. Easy right?

Put it on your phone or in an app.

Your list includes what’s needed to complete the room to make it ready for the holidays. What do you need? What ideas do you have?

Start a Pinterest board to collect decorating ideas.

Take advantage of bargains at thrift stores, yard sales or discount stores by shopping from your list.

Your list might look like:


  • Set of double sheets and pillowcases, two pillows, two lightbulbs, one side table lamp, look for artwork for walls, shop for a new bed?

organize guest room


  • 12 wine glasses, large rectangular tablecloth in off white, Thanksgiving centerpiece, side table candlesticks and decor, two extra side chairs


  • 4 new throw cushions or pillows for couch in green to match chair, coordinating throw blanket, holiday decor for mantel

Organizing is the first step to transforming your home in time for the holidays.

Once you’re finished organizing, you’re ready to start cleaning. Then it’s on to decorating!

Ready to clean?

This is how to organize your home in time for the holidays.