5 Easy Holiday Home Decor Tips to Transform your Home

How do you feel about decorating for the holidays this year. Are you giddy with anticipation … can’t wait for the first snowfall?

Or maybe you’re just as happy to sit back and let someone else get the spirit unpacked and hung up!

Depending on how you feel about holiday decorating, what does it take for you to get in the spirit? Personally I don’t really get motivated until I start pulling out my boxes of decorations.

I know I need to organize and clean before I even think about putting up anything. Why wait till spring for the big clean? I like the idea of starting the new year off with a clean slate 😉

Here’s how to organize and clean your home for the holidays if you missed it.

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Personalize and Transform Your Holiday Home Decor

I’ll be ready to put up the holiday decor and accessories after cleaning my house. Getting in a festive mood is so much easier with twinkly lights and glitter don’t you think?

Everyone has their own style of decorating for the holidays. Maybe this year you’ll want to try something a little different too. Whether it’s our first holiday in a new home or one of many seasons, it’s a good time to stop and ask ourselves how we want our home to feel. And I mean feel, not look. If it doesn’t feel make you feel happy, then why put it out?

You may have boxes and boxes of holiday ornaments and tinsel but does it mean you should bring it all out and put it up every year? That’s up to you.


holiday home decor

But if you’re ready for a change, why not try something new?

I aways think when you decide on a theme or a mood for your home it makes choosing the decor and accessories so much easier. All you have to do is ask yourself “does this fit in with my farmhouse rustic vibe”?

I love to change up my holiday decs every year.  For many years I collected antique ornaments and displays. Now I have enough to decorate a small tree completely in vintage and it put a smile on my face. I love that my vintage ornaments have had a past. Oh the stories they could tell!

What style makes you smile? Try some of these on for size.

5 Easy Holiday Home Decor Tips

holiday home decor

1. Go Natural

Last year I picked up some fresh garland at an amazingly low price from Safeway. It was less than two weeks till Christmas and it was marked down and still fresh. I went home and wired it to the stair rail and put little battery powered lights on it. Try to find a way to bring something fresh and natural into your home for the holidays. Besides the smell is amazing!

  • Fresh garlands or a small living tree

  • Potted amaryllis or narcissus flowers.

  • Lemons, oranges, tangerines in bowls or tucked in a garland on a mantel

  • Go into woods or parks with the kids to find pine cones to fill a bowl

  • Gently stew some sliced oranges, a few sticks of cinnamon and water in a small crockpot for the smell

  • Small white twinkle lights are magical and let the greenery shine

  • Spray paint pine cones in off white

holiday home decor
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2. Decorate with New Colors

Experts are predicting deep blue and aquamarine are the new colors for 2019/20, but you can choose your own. Try an all white or white, rose gold and silver color palette this year. Blue and gold together would look stunning. Red and white always looks festive and fresh and can be modern or traditional.

  • White snow frosted tree

  • Artificial snow or a faux snow blanket under the tree.

  • Wrap “presents” in colored wrapping paper to put up the stairs, under the tree or on mantel.

  • Use metallic finishes like champagne, rose gold, silver or mercury glass.

  • Use faux fur throws in silver, white. Or try a rich pattern in green, gold or a red plaid.

  • Use candles in your colors as a centerpiece, on a mantel, in groups or on a shelf

  • Find over sized ornaments in your accent color and fill a bowl or add to a mantel

  • Keep lights one color for maximum impact. Or mix gold and white.

holiday home decor
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3. Pick a Mood or Theme

What feeling do you want to evoke at the holidays? Traditional, country, farmhouse or vintage. Minimalist or maximalist? Let that theme be your guide to choosing what will fit in. It may mean you don’t unpack and use all the ornaments this year. It also means you can go shopping to fill what you need to make your look!

  • Farmhouse or rustic? Think natural soft greenery with vintage toys, sleds and wagons. Farmhouse colors are monochromatic so lots of white with natural textures. Hello Fixer Upper.

  • Vintage pastel? Source vintage or vintage style ornaments in pastel or faded colors like pink, soft green, white and champagne.

  • Country rustic? Use lots of natural elements like bark ornaments, pinecones and chunky trees. Red and white is a natural color palette.

  • Traditional decor? Red, green and gold colors will make your home feel warm and cozy. Use traditional plaids or classic patterns on pillows and tableware. Metallics will add sparkle and keep dark colors from feeling too heavy.

holiday home decor

4. Add Some Quirky

Although most of us love the same decor year after year, why not mix it up a little? Do something unexpected to delight family and friends and keep it fresh. Take something that you use everyday to add a quirky element or two. How you can refresh your home with your own unique spin?

holiday home decor

  • Hang ornaments with ribbons from a light fixture or chandelier

  • Mound large ornaments in woven or wire baskets or containers

  • Bring a sled or wagon inside to decorate

  • Use a string of battery operated lights to decorate a boat model, dollhouse, indoor plant or stair rail

  • Switch up the greenery wreath for a fabric or woven one

  • Use natural elements such as a tree slice for serving or to hold candles

  • Bring out old toys and create a wonderland scene with faux snow

  • Group three small trees to decorate instead of one big one.

holiday home decor

5. Use What You Have

The last thing we need at the holidays is to go broke trying to make it special!

Have fun digging out old toys to create winter scenes, using a sled or wagon inside and gathering baskets or bowls together to fill with ornaments and lemons for example. Try using the rule of threes. Three baskets or bowls makes a nice grouping in the middle of your table or on a sideboard.

Use a red and white checked tablecloth or some leftover fabric for your tree skirt. I’ve used buckets to stand my tree in and filled in with bricks, newspaper and topped with some velvet fabric or a throw. To tie everything together visually just remember your color scheme and stick to it. Wrap strips of inexpensive fabric remnants around an old wreath. You could also tie in cotton bolls (see top photo) and painted cones to give a dollar store wreath or garland some farmhouse love.

The trick to getting holiday decor right is put your heart into it.

Plan and pin, but wait til you’re in the mood to put it all together. You can always add to what you have without spending a lot, just get creative with some of these tips and you’ll be home free for the holidays!