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7 Amazing Online Workouts to Stream at Home

The one problem with working out from home is getting motivated to start. When you work out alone you’re the only one who cares if you finish.

Working out in a class or gym gives us a routine and support. You’re not working out alone, you’ve got workout buddies who’re there for the same reason. To get fit, get in shape, try out for Survivor (or Love Island) or just fit into the wedding dress.

But what if you’re motivated and you just don’t have the time or money to join a gym?

Maybe where you live there isn’t a convenient gym to drop into. We all know that convenience plays a huge part in how successful we are at keeping to our workout schedule!

One of the reasons I bought my house in TX was because it was 5 minutes from a great YMCA. Seriously. I spent many hours at that gym and it became a part of my routine because it was so close.

But what if you don’t have that option? What can you do to keep motivated, save money and get your butt in shape?

online workout classes

Welcome to the world of online fitness where you can pick and choose from hundreds of online workouts from the comfort of your own home.

Time your workout to your schedule not the gyms.

You workout at your convenience and pace. No more running to catch a class. With subscription costs usually much less than a gym membership.

If you miss the camaraderie you find in a class, most of these workouts are filmed with a live class. It’s not as lonely as working out by yourself and the class instructor provides structure and accountability. Win win.

If you want a workout you can do at home or when traveling, check out an online class.

Sooooo many options, from dance to tai chi.

That’s the other bonus. You’re not limited what’s available locally. You get can the freshest moves online!

Most classes can be streamed from your iPad, Roku, laptop or TV.

Online Workout Class Options

DANCE Classes

online workout class
Image courtesy Shine Dance Fitness

Shine Dance Fitness

A fun dance party in your own casa and a killer workout based on jazz, hip hop and ballet for all ages and abilities. Claims you can burn up to 750 calories in a class if you’re ready to rock out and “shine like a boss”.

All you need is some floor space and the desire to dance and get fit. Why not invite some friends over and do it together. Pick someone’s house and meet once or twice a week. It’s always easier to stay motivated if you’ve got a time and place set. Ready to get your sexy back?

  • Live and online classes are available.
  • Streaming available.
  • Free 3 Day Trial – Basic monthly membership starts at $10.99.



Jump training combined with cutting edge dance moves set to music. The Plyojam website says it’s an “intense yet easy to follow routine”. Hmmm… I’ve never known intense and easy to be the same thing but see for yourself. Dance powered by Plyometrics is the claim, hip hop moves and intense cardio the game.

Get a good workout and have fun in the comfort of your home. Apparently Kate Hudson and James Corden are fans as seen on Huffington Post, Self magazine and Pop Sugar. You can groove like the stars!

Get ready to burn some serious calories with this high intensity workout.

  • Live and online classes are available.
  • Streaming available.
  • Free Sample Class -Monthly subscription $19.99

online dance class

Learn to Dance

Free mini class videos online for all types of dance. Country Western, Salsa, Tango, Belly, Ballet, Tap, Ballroom, HipHop are just some of the dance styles you can try out from the Learn to Dance site.

Club, party and freestyle dance classes such as Sexy Dance Moves for Women could be your ticket to Love Island! Or just get ready to hit your local dance floor by practicing your moves at home first.

If you like the free classes, premium classes can be downloaded. Premium classes are priced individually.

Learn to Dance free class videos are embedded on the site.

  • Streaming service not available.
  • Free
  • Premium Paid Options


Sweaty Betty

This London UK based site sells workout and activewear designed to wear from studio to the street.

You’ll find free workout videos on their site or via YouTube. From yoga to HIIT to ballet, you’re sure to find a pace that suits you. If you love the Sweaty Betty style, get a discount on your workout wear for signing up!

  • Streaming service not available.
  • Free

online workout class

Booya Fitness

Workout in the comfort of your living room with a wide variety of fitness options. Choose from an awesome variety of classes from barre, Pilates, barre, cardio kick box, dance, HIIT and more.

Booya offers personalized recommendations and workout plans to keep you going.

If you get bored with one workout, it’s easy to switch and try something new. 21-day Body Chisel to Cross Training for Runners are just a couple of plans you can set up to keep yourself motivated to reach your fitness goals.

Stream your workouts to your iPad, streaming service or smart TV.

  • Streaming available.
  • Free month trial then $9.99 per month or $99. per year

Daily Burn

Over 500 online workouts are available on the Daily Burn with new workouts weekly.

You’ll get a customized workout plan based on your age, weight and goals.

Stream Daily Burn on your laptop, desktop, mobile device, TV, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod, laptop or desktop. If you travel, have more than one home or just want a workout available when you want where you want it, you’ll have lots of options to stay connected.

Yoga, dance, Pilates, cardio and high intense workouts, it’s all here waiting for you!

  • Streaming available.
  • Free 30 day trial, then starts at $19.95 a month with no subscription

YOGA Classes

online yoga classesGaiam

Gaia is an online service that offers videos and support for your mindfulness, meditation and yoga practice. They’ve been around a while, I remember renting the DVDs.

There’s a huge library of yoga practices, documentaries and original series included in membership. So you won’t be getting just a workout, you’ll be getting your ohm on too.

Currently available on the new Apple TV, Roku, IOS, Chromecast, and on the web.

  • Streaming available.
  • .99 for two week trial offer
  • Starts at $11.99 per month with no subscription

If you’re not happy with what’s shakin’, try one of these online workout classes. Most offer a free or affordable trial period. All you need is a solid internet connection and you’re good to go.

What have you got to lose?

online workout classes