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7 Simple Habits of People Who Drink Less

Trying to drink less alcohol? Whether you’re trying to quit or just want to cut down, are you ready to drink less?

Drinking a little too much can easily become a habit. Social situations, family get togethers, work parties, after work parties. Before you know it you may be drinking a little more than you’re happy about. If we’re honest we know when too much of a good thing is… well too much!

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There’s good reasons for drinking less alcohol, such as…

→ Drinking less if you want to lose weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, cutting down on alcohol will cut down on calories too

  • 1 beer = 154 calories
  • Gin single 42 g or 1 jigger = 110 calories
  • Vodka single 42 g or 1 jigger = 97 calories
  • Whiskey single 42 g or 1 jigger = 105 calories
  • Wine 1 serving 5 fl oz or 148 g = 123 calories

When drinking liquor, don’t forget to add calories from mixers to the total count. A G&T or gin and tonic is 150 calories which is more than a can of non diet Coke.

→ Drinking less if you want to stay healthy

Although some studies show one drink per day may have health benefits, too much alcohol can start to take its toll on your body’s health.

Your liver can only process up to one drink an hour. Hangovers are a sign that alcohol’s still in your body because you drank more than your body can process.

Long term excessive drinking may put you at risk for liver disease. Other long term effects may include suffering from high blood pressure, dependency, cancer, depression and anxiety.

Drinking alcohol affects your brain’s response time and impacts your motor coordination. If you’ve ever tried to drive, walk or dance while under the influence you know what I mean. So  your brain health is affected too.

Of course drinking less if you’re pregnant is a no brainer.

→ Drinking less if you want to save money

Drinks at a bar aren’t inexpensive. Often I’ve noticed the bar tab on the bill is as much if not more than the food! Alcohol is one of the main profit earners for restaurants. You may even feel some pressure to keep ordering once you’re seated.

Drinks before dinner, drinks during dinner and after can add up. What would it be like to eat out without a hefty bar tab?

How much could you save if you drank less?

If you’d like to cut down on how often or how much you drink why not start here:

The 7 Simple Habits of People Who Drink Less

1. They don’t stock much alcohol at home. A bottle or two in case company drops in but definitely short of a bar setup.

2. They drink slowly. Starting off with a glass of soda water or juice, then alternating a drink with juice or soda.

3. They choose to have fewer drinks. Before going out they decide to stop at 1 or 2 drinks then switch to soda.

4. They decide to go alcohol free on certain days of the week.

5. They intentionally don’t hang out with people who drink a lot or put pressure them to have “just one more”

6. They find other ways to manage their stress by going for a walk or working out at the gym instead.

7. They drink less at home by stocking low or no alcohol options, but still make it fun with fruity garnishes and drink umbrellas.

What Can You Drink When You’re Drinking Less?

There’s so many new options, it’s easy to go low or no alcohol and still have a cocktail in your hand. Call it a mocktail or virgin cocktail, it can still taste delicious.

Non Alcoholic Drinks

All the major brands carry a 0 percent beer option. Try Heineken, Estrella, Beck’s Blue,or Budweiser Prohibition Brew for starters.

Non alcoholic wines are perfect for that Sunday brunch or special occasion. Try Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon from California, Sutter Home Fre Brut sparkling wine, Pierre Chavin Non-Alcoholic Rose or St Regis De-Alcoholized Chardonnay.

Spirits Seedily Distilled Non Alcoholic Spirits (there’s several different flavor combos) is a brand to look for when you want a no alcohol cocktail.

“Mocktail” or Virgin Cocktail Ideas

  • Pour one of Fever Trees’ designer tonic waters over ice with a wedge of lime. The Aromatic, Sicilian Lemon or Elderflower flavors are delicious and you’ll hardly miss the gin or vodka.
  • Any of the Belvoir botanical presses made with elderflower or citrus make a great cocktail. Just add a splash of soda water and a slice of lime or lemon.
  • Arnold Palmer with half lemonade and half iced tea over ice.
  • Cranberry juice, citrus tonic water, wedge of lime and ice.
  • Lemon or limeade over ice with a salt rim.
  • Ginger beer over ice with a wedge of lime.
  • Limeade over ice with a lime wedge and mint garnish for a mock mojito.
  • Limited options? Have the bartender or flight attendant splash some apple, grapefruit or orange juice into a glass and fill it with soda water and ice to make a refreshing non boozy cocktail.

Start patronizing bars and pubs that stock a wide range of non alcoholic options and you’ll become one of those people who drink less without thinking about it. You can still enjoy the camaraderie and social side of drinking with friends. The only thing you’ll be giving up is the hefty bar tab and hangover!

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