9 of the Yummiest Low Carb Desserts for Chocolate Lovers

If you have a sweet tooth you’re going to love these low carb desserts. Especially if you’re a chocoholic like me!

When you’re trying to eat a low carb or keto diet, your goal is to limit your daily intake of all carbs as much as possible – which includes sugar and natural sweeteners like honey, agave or maple syrup. It also means traditional flours are out too.

So how can you satisfy a sweet tooth that’s craving a rich chocolatey dessert? By substituting safe sweeteners such as Stevia, Truvia and monk fruit extract for sugar we can convince our tastebuds they’re getting the real deal.

In these recipes white or wheat flour is swapped out with almond, coconut and ground flax flours to keep the carbs low but the taste and crumb texture as close to a traditional bake taste as possible.

If you’ve been cooking gluten free or keto for a while, you’re used to substitutions to make up for the sugar and flour found in traditional baking. Fortunately most of these recipes give you great instructions on where to find good quality substitute ingredients and how to use them to get the best results.

So go ahead and satisfy your chocoholic cravings with these low carb, gluten free and sometimes ketogenic desserts!

For a quick brownie fix you can’t beat this recipe.

Easy Keto Brownie Bombs

Skill level: Easy
Bake: Yes
Ingredients: 7
Calories per serving: 182
Carbs per serving: 2.7 grams net

keto brownie bombs

Want a chocolate bar that tastes like the real thing – but without the sugar?

Low Carb Keto Chocolate Bar

Skill level: Easy once you have all the ingredients and utensils
Bake: No but cook on stove top
Ingredients: 7
Calories per serving: 143
Carbs per serving: 1 gram

low carb keto chocolate bar

If you’re craving peanut-butter cups this recipe should scratch the itch.

Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Skill level: Easy
Bake: No but you do melt the chocolate
Ingredients: 10
Calories per serving: 194
Carbs per serving: 7 grams

low carb peanut butter balls


For that special occasion for a keto diet loving friend, why not make this chocolate cake?

Keto Death by Chocolate Cake

Skill level: Easy to intermediate
Bake: Yes
Ingredients: 14
Calories per serving: 252
Carbs per serving: 5 grams

death by chocolate keto cake

Here’s a low carb layered dessert with the wow factor

Sex in a Pan Layered Chocolate Dessert

Skill level: Intermediate. Plus lots of patience while layers cool.

Bake: Yes
Ingredients: 19
Calories per serving: 344
Carbs per serving: 2 grams

low carb sex in a pan dessert


Cheesecake and chocolate – indulge your sweet tooth with this keto recipe

Gluten Free Cheesecake Brownies

Skill level: Easy to intermediate. You need to read the directions carefully.
Bake: Yes
Ingredients: 10
Calories per serving: 155
Carbs per serving: 3.5 grams

Keto Cheesecake Brownies


These pretty cupcakes are perfect for a gluten free or keto birthday party or shower

Chocolate Champagne Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting

Skill level: Easy. Everything goes in the bowl at once for the cake.
Bake: Yes
Ingredients: 14
Calories per serving: 108
Carbs per serving: 5 grams

Keto Chocolate Champagne Cupcakes


Got that craving for a favorite candy bar? Try this paleo, vegan, keto version

Homemade Keto Almond Joy Bars

Skill level: Easy. But a blender or food processor is recommended.
Bake: No
Ingredients: 6
Calories per serving: 182
Carbs per serving: 8

Keto ALMOND JOY bars


Another super moist cake. Chocolatey indulgence without the guilt!

Gluten Free, Paleo and Keto Chocolate Cake

Skill level: Intermediate
Bake: Yes
Ingredients: 15
Calories per serving: 196
Carbs per serving: 6

Gluten Free, Paleo & Keto Chocolate Cake

Happy baking!

low carb chocolate desserts