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9 Plants to Bring Good Luck + Wealth into Your Home

A home without plants? No thanks. I’ve even fallen for the little fake plants you can get at IKEA – which are pretty darn realistic!
Indoor plants make any home feel warm and inviting, especially if they’re green and healthy.

Plants and greenery help bring the outdoors in. We love to be surrounded by nature because it boosts our mood and soothes our souls. If you’ve heard of forest bathing you know what I mean.

But you don’t have to bring all the plants inside your home. Just enough of those little green devils to clean the air and soothe your vibe.

Boost your vibe with the right plants

It turns out plants are also really helpful if want more luck or wealth at home. Let’s face it, who doesn’t?

Want to up your the calm vibe and soothe your inner beast? Need to keep the abundance flowing, not to mention the coin?

Next time you head to your favorite big box store, take a look at the plant section. It’s a great way to find feng shui plants for wealth at a budget price.

Every time I go into Lowe’s I make a beeline for the house plants. I’ve been known to rescue those poor little sad plants on the clearance table. Just my mini mission to save the world, one plant at a time!


9 Plants to Create Good Luck and Wealth

jade plant for feng shui
Jade plant

1. JADE PLANT – Money plant

  • There’s a reason you see Jade plants in every Chinese restaurant. They’re considered “money trees” because the leaves look like coins. Place a jade plant in your wealth area and watch your health and abundance grow.
  • Prefers 4 hours of sun so place in a sunny south facing window. Keep watered well in spring and summer. Water less frequently during fall and winter months.
lucky bamboo for feng shui
Lucky bamboo


  • Another plant favorite in Chinese restaurants. Place 8 stalks in your wealth area and 9 for a boost of luck anywhere in the home.
  • Place the bamboo stalks in jar or glass. Make sure the roots are covered with fresh water. Be sure to change the water often so it doesn’t get cloudy.
pothos for feng shui

3. GOLDEN POTHOS – Devils Ivy

  • The pothos plant is incredibly easy to maintain, and its easy growing vines thrive where other plants can’t. If your pothos is dying, it means there’s negative energy in that space you need to fix. Pothos is also known to “cure” a problematic bathroom/toilet.
  • Tolerates low to bright light.  Water well but let dry out in between. Leaves will turn yellow if over-watered.
  • Home Depot carries a 6 in hanging basket pothos which you’ll need, because pothos grow like crazy!
money tree plant for feng shui
Money Tree plant

4. MONEY TREE – Pachira aquatic

  • As the name says, this tree brings good fortune, positive Chi energy and money. Place it in the wealth area of your home.
  • Prefers medium to bright light but not full sunlight. Water deeply but let dry out in between.
  • If you’re having a hard time finding the money tree plant, Home Depot has a 2-pack to get you started. Pilea are also sold as Chinese Money trees but this is the traditional plant you want.
peace lily plant for feng shui
Peace Lily

5. PEACE LILY – Spathyphyllum

  • The peace lily soaks up harmful allergens and volatile compounds like a sponge. Wherever you put it, a pothos will make your home healthier because it absorbs negative energy!
  • Tolerates low light areas. Place the peace lily in a bathroom or kitchen area because it likes high humidity. May get brown tips if your tap water has a lot of fluoride or chemicals.
aloe vera for feng shui
Aloe Vera


  • Treasured for it’s healing properties, aloe vera has long been known as a therapeutic plant that cleanses the air around it. The ancient Egyptians considered it a “plant of immortality”. Keep one on your kitchen window. The cut flesh is a handy remedy for any burns or cuts.
  • Place your aloe in bright or indirect light, water well but let dry out in between watering. Water less during winter months.
  • Can’t find an aloe vera plant where you live? Home Depot will ship one to your home.
orchid for feng shui
Purple Orchid


  • Orchids are a classic symbol of fertility. Put a two stemmed pink orchid in relationship area – southwest corner of a room. Place a purple orchid in your wealth area. White orchids can be placed anywhere. The orchid is an enduring symbol of perfection. Place it where it will inspire you.
  • Orchids are epiphytes and naturally grow on trees and moss bark. They love humidity and prefer to not to be in a draft. Water lightly and let drain. Prefers bright light but not direct sun.
Snake Plant

8. SNAKE PLANT – Sansevieria

  • The Snake plant is considered a good luck plant because it sucks up negative ions from electronics and helps remove toxins from the air. Use in the south, eastern or southeastern corners of your rooms. Avoid placing in bedrooms as leaves are considered “sharp” not restful.
  • Sanseveria is one plant that doesn’t like to be over-watered especially in winter. Takes bright to indirect lighting but is not fussy.
  • Although they’re common, if you can’t find a snake plant locally, Home Depot has several sizes to choose from that can ship directly to your home.
Orange Tree


  • Orange, lemon or lime trees bring luck and good fortune to your home according to feng shui. Place the potted tree in your wealth area.
  • Citrus trees need full sun to pollinate and produce fruit. Here’s how to grow a lime tree in a pot.
  • Look for citrus plants in the fall when they’re in season. Home Depot has a Meyer lemon tree which would be my choice. Almost like a cross between an orange and lemon, it’s got a luscious sweet taste that will give your recipes and drinks an extra kick!

The meaning of Feng Shui

By the way feng shui is basically a Chinese term for wind water or energetic flow. The goal is to balance the natural energies of wood, metal, air, water, earth and fire. Sounds like a 70s soul band doesn’t it?

When the energy in your home is balanced, your home will feel balanced and steady. Good vibes only.

Plants are considered wood elements. So although you may be tempted to cram as many pots into your house as you can carry home, keep it balanced. You don’t want to overpower your home’s energy with wood. You might get splinters ha ha.

Wood elements like plants need to be balanced with air, water, earth and fire so keep that in mind when you’re picking out your home decor.

Feng shui divides your home up into sections and here’s the important one for us, the wealth area.

As you walk in the door, the back left or southeast corner of a room or your home is considered the wealth area.