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11 of the Best Indoor Plants for Fast Growth

Buying small house plants is usually a cheap way to get started. Why not get the best indoor plants that also grow fast so you can have the best of both worlds? Beautiful plants at a budget price!

First of all, think about how much light you get in your home. You’ll want to pick plants that will be happy with your home’s light levels. Makes sense right? But too often we get excited – or is that just me – and buy plants that need more light than we can give.

Oh and you might want to pay attention to the label that comes with the plant. I recently bought a small Ficus Lyrata thinking I got a great deal. When I got home and read the label I realized I’d bought a “Bambino” dwarf variety.  This baby will never get to the big size I was hoping for. 🙁

If you take good care of these quick growing houseplants, before you know it you’ll have a green family to be proud of!


ZZ Plant

fast growing plant
ZZ Plant

This easy care plant is very tolerant of low light. It likes partial to full shade. Also tolerates periods of low to no water.
Height: Grows from 2-3 ft. but can grow up to 5 ft tall.
How to make it grow: The more rhizomes in the pot the faster it will grow. Rhizomes are the potato-like root the ZZ plant grows from. Can grow up to to 10” in 8-12 months.

Devils Ivy (Pothos)

fast growing pothos plant
Pothos Plant

The pothos ivy is a very easy care trailing plant that grows quickly. In fact you may want to cut back the trails to keep your plant bushy and full.

UPDATE: This vine grows insanely fast! In the past 10 months mine has grown at least 48″ long and it’s seems to grow a little more each day.
Height: Trailers can grow up to 50 ft or 20 m long.
How to make it grow: Don’t overwater, allow it to dry out. It likes bright indirect light but will tolerate lower light levels. Pinch back tips to keep plant bushy and full. Fertilize lightly in summer.

Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans)

fast growing palm plant
Parlor Palm

This airy feathery palm is perfect for bedside table or bathroom as it tolerates lower light levels and still flourishes. It also filters airborne pollution so you can sleep easier at night. Mine is growing quite quickly even though it’s not a super fast grower.
Height: 1- 1.5 m or up to 5 ft.
How to make it grow: Don’t overwater but give it a mist now and then for extra humidity. Brighter light levels will encourage flowering and growth.



Umbrella Plant – Schefflera

fast growing schefflera plant
Schefflera Plant

The Schefflera is a fast growing plant and when grown indoors prefers indirect light.

UPDATE: I’d bought two of these plants from LIDL and got tired of waiting for them to get bushy and full so I found a large pot and planted both of my Scheffs together. OMG. They are going insane! 10 months later the double plant is 30″ tall and growing. Not sure if they just loved the bigger pot but I would definitely recommend planting two together if you want to get results fast. Here’s my monster Scheff.
Height: Will reach a height of 8-15 feet given the right conditions.
How to make it grow: It prefers a warm humid environment similar to its’ native region, Taiwan. Feeding occasionally with a fish emulsion will create optimum plant growth.

Sweetheart Plant or Philodendron (Scandens)

fast growing plant
Philodendron Scandens

This hardy climbing vine is very tolerant of different light levels, just not direct sunlight. Air filtration is another one of it’s good qualities. You’ve seen those Instagram pics of plants draping all over a room? That’s the philodendron.
Height: Trailing vines grow up to 4 m or 13 feet long
How to make it grow: Keep soil moist but allow top of soil to dry out in between watering. Don’t place it where it will get full sun as this will burn the leaves. Feel with fertilizer during summer growing season. Pinch back shoots or trim vines to encourage growth.

Long Leaved Fig – Ficus Alii

fast growing ficus plant
Ficus Alii Plant

I recently picked two of these up at Lidl. Had never seen this variety of Ficus before. The Alii is supposed to be less fussy than other Ficus in that it can tolerate being moved. Keep out of bright sunlight.
Height: Can grow up to 3 m or 10 ft.
How to make it grow: Keep at consistent indoor temps, water enough to keep soil moist but don’t allow to sit in water. Let top soil dry out. Keep out of cold drafts. Use a little fertilizer during summer months.

Wax Plant – Hoya Carnosa

fast growing hoya plant
Hoya Carnosa Plant

This is one of my favorite hanging plants. They’re very easy to care for and tolerant of different light levels. New growth is pinkish and makes a nice contrast to the cream and green leaves. With the right amount of light, you’ll get clusters of white star shaped flowers.
Height: Trailing vines will grow up to 3 m or 9 ft.
How to make it grow: Hoya likes bright indirect light, not direct sunlight. Deeply water and then allow to dry as as you would a succulent. A native of Australia it prefers high humidity so mist occasionally.

PLANTS that like BRIGHT LIGHT levels


Autograph Plant – Clusea Rosea

fast growing clusia plant
Clusia Plant

I found my Clusia plant at IKEA, it’s definitely fast growing, unusual and fun to watch.
Height: This fast growing plant can grow up to 6m or 20 ft outdoors! Indoors they can be kept to a height of 50-100 cm or 2 feet.
How to make it grow: They prefer full sun outside but will tolerate bright or indirect bright light in your home. A good air filterer, the Clusea likes warm and humid conditions, so fairly moist soil.

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

fast growing spider plant
Spider Plant

The spider plant is a great air filtering plant as well as being quick to grow and product little spider babies. These can be pushed into the soil to re-root to create more plants for you and friends.
Height: Can spread up to 1 1/2 ft or 50 cm.
How to make it grow: Spiders like bright indirect light but not direct sunlight. Feed every few weeks during growing season (not in fall/winter)

Weeping Fig (Ficus Benjamin)

fast growing ficus plant
Ficus Benjamina Plant

The dark glossy leaves of the ficus make it an attractive specimen plant for a corner. A little fussier than some, it will drop it’s leaves it it gets too much or too little water.
Height: Guides say a ficus will grow up to 7 ft or 2 m but I’ve seen some much larger, although they lose their fullness and get more twiggy as they grow older.
How to make it grow: Ficus like bright indirect light but not direct sunlight. Feed 2x a month during growing season (not in fall/winter). Mist occasionally and keep it out of drafts.

Boston Fern ( Nephrolepsis Exaltata)

fast growing Boston Fern
Boston Fern Plant

The perfect plant for a bathroom or anywhere it can stay moist. The Boston fern is a great specimen plant for a hanging basket or anywhere the fronds have room to drape. Good for air purifying.
Height: Grows up to 1 m or 3 ft.
How to make it grow: Boston ferns like bright indirect light, high humidity and soil kept moist. Keep out of cold drafts.

There you go. 11 of the fastest growing house plants that are also easy to care for!

house plants that are fast growers