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    How to Create a Lush Plant Filled Terrarium Garden

    Terrariums have been around since the 1880’s when Dr Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward accidentally discovered a way to transport plants around the world. He designed a wooden case with glass inserts so plants could be moved from Europe to overseas via ships. When the plants arrived alive and thriving he realized his accidental greenhouse created the perfect environment. The Wardian case or terrarium was the perfect microclimate for plants to grow and survive the long sea voyage. Inside the container water and air continually recycle to keep plants moist and thriving. Basically if you’ve ever been in a greenhouse it’s the same idea on a much smaller scale. Almost like a mini rainforest. Air, food and water recycle in your container creating a balanced eco-system. Perfect for plants that love high humidity like ferns and other sub-tropical plants. A terrarium can be open or closed. If your terrarium is closed you’ll need to vent it occasionally to allow moisture to escape.…

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    Creative? Here’s 8 DIY Side Hustles to Easily Do From Home

    side hustle to do from home

    A side hustle is anything you do to earn extra money during time off your “day job”, but it can also be your main source of income. If you’re working full time and hate your job, your side hustle could easily be your ticket out of the 9-5 grind. If you’re recovering from an operation or taking maternity leave for example, a side hustle may be just what you need to keep the cash rolling in. Side hustles are a great way to test the market and your skills. Especially true if you’re thinking of changing careers. With a good internet or broadband connection, it’s easy to run most of these creative side hustles from home. You’ll also need a computer and current business or creative software. Most software is available online by monthly subscription so don’t worry about having to make a big investment up front. A good way to research the skills you’ll need for your side hustle…

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    11 Wall Art Display Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

    Here’s how to fill a blank wall with wall art. If you’ve just moved into a new apartment or home, you know what I mean. It doesn’t feel like yours until you’ve added your personality to the walls. I always say a house doesn’t feel like home until you put that first coat of paint on. Art and walls the same. Maybe you’ve been collecting artwork and want to get around to hanging it. Or you’re waiting for inspiration to strike. A blank wall can be a little intimidating and expensive to fill! Framing a poster can get pricey, but thank goodness for IKEA. Their frames are amazing and an easy way to make different posters or prints look pulled together. Getting the right combination of art for a gallery wall takes some planning. The simplest way is to first arrange all your pictures or decor on the floor. Keep moving pieces around until you have a nice combination of…

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    12 Magical Backyard Wedding Ideas to DIY

    backyard wedding ideas

    Still looking for those special finishing touches to make your backyard wedding a day to remember? Here’s some magical garden wedding ideas I’ve found that will inspire you. After all what’s a wedding without flowers? You want your ultimate celebration day to be uniquely you. Flowers are your signature. Best of all most of these backyard wedding ideas are DIY friendly so you can spend your wedding budget on other things, like your dress! 1. Add greenery and flowers to your wedding seating Use natural vines along with a few of  your wedding flowers to decorate the back row of chairs. On a budget? This could easily be done with cut flowers from the store or even flowers from your garden or a neighbors! Add some tree fern or asparagus fern to get that wispy look you see here. Use ivy or some other trailing vine to drape down the chair leg. Tie your flower bunches together with florist wire…

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    Budget DIY Reclaimed Wood Backsplash Weekend Project

    We recently decided to upgrade our kitchen with new cabinets, new granite and backsplash! For our new kitchen counters we chose the granite pattern “Saint Cecilia”. We’d already upgraded some of our cabinets, now it was time to take down the old ones and replace them with new ivory cabinets to match. The existing backsplash was ugly old worn granite tiles that definitely needed to be replaced. To match what we already had I decided I wanted a reclaimed wood backsplash that looked kinda like this. To start the project the old granite tile backsplash had to go. It took some muscle to remove the tiles from the kitchen wall. We were careful not to destroy the drywall underneath. Once the tiles were removed, it just took scraping the remaining surface to get it as flat and smooth as possible. By sanding down any rough patches and patching up any knicks you’ll have a nice flat surface for the next…

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    9 Perfect Screens to Grow + Make for a Private Secret Garden

    privacy in the garden

    Have you ever wished for just a little more privacy so you could enjoy your outdoor space more? If you live in an apartment or a semi or attached home, do you sometimes you feel like your neighbors are a little too close for comfort? It’s great to be able to enjoy your outdoor space without feeling you have an audience! Somewhere to go after a hard day’s work and relax. Somewhere you can just unwind and forget about the day. Your own little sanctuary. Your secret garden! But it’s hard to do if you don’t have privacy. It doesn’t matter if your outdoor space is just a balcony or tiny patio, it’s yours and you want to feel it’s part of your home. Like another room. But how can you feel cozy and private when next door neighbors are just a few feet away? How can you create your own oasis where you can have a little table and…

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    16 Budget Friendly Home Decor Tips to Summer-ize Your Home

    Yay it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy summer! Living outdoors and playing in the sun, is just what we’ve been waiting for. Why not bring some of that summer sunshine inside? You don’t have to break the bank to add a summer vibe to your home decor. Keep it affordable and easy because that’s what summer is all about isn’t it? A lot of your summer accessories can be picked up on the beach, at the grocery store and while you’re taking the dog for a walk. When you come home from a long day at the beach or by the lake it’s fun to have your home feel like a day at the beach too! Here’s 16 affordable ways to refresh and brighten up your home decor just in time for summer: 1. Let’s start with your entry. If you have an interior porch or entry way you can swap out dark pillows or throws with lighter softer…

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    9 Quirky DIY Upcycled Furniture Ideas to Inspire You

    DIY Sideboard wallpaper

    Who doesn’t love the look of expensive brand name furniture? I know I do! But we really don’t want to part with the cash to buy new stuff do we? Especially if we’re moving into a new home or on a budget. It can get pricey furnishing an entire room or house! Finding and up-cycling or recycling used or vintage furniture is a budget friendly way to get the look we want without spending a fortune. Shopping online for used, antique or vintage furniture to transform is easy and you can find great deals close to home too. Most local thrift shops have a Facebook page where they update their inventory daily. Google “used furniture” “your town” and see what comes up! I found these quirky awesome inspiring makeovers when I went looking for ideas and inspiration for my own project. I found everything from painting fabric (who knew you could do this?) to using wallpaper and stencils to design…