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    How to Make Money at Home with Your Home

    If you’re looking for a money making side hustle you can do from home, you may have already considered listing your home or room on Airbnb. It can be a lot of work, but the potential to make some real profit is there if you know what you’re doing. Why not make money with your home? A side hustle is simply something you do on the side to make a little extra income. Of course if you don’t have a day job, then your side hustle could become your main hustle! I’m assuming you’d like some extra money coming in each month? As a stay at home mom, this is the kind of business you can do while the kids are at school. With key lock boxes, you don’t even have to check guests in unless you want to. If you’re trying to help build some equity in your home with home improvements, use Airbnb…

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    How to Save that Extra $50. Dollars or More Every Month

    Saving $50 a month may not seem a lot but hey it all adds up. Get in the habit of saving a little extra every month and it might inspire you to save even more. I think having a specific goal or dream to save for makes it so much easier to stay motivated don’t you? When I had a burning desire to visit family overseas but not a whole lot of extra cash I decided to do what I needed to get that airline ticket. I put on a big garage sale, sold furniture and collectibles on eBay and picked up extra shifts at work. It worked! Having that motivation in front of you makes a sacrifice seem totally worth it. What would you like to save up for? Your wedding, Christmas gifts for the kids, a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. How about paying off a credit card debt or…