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    7 Simple Habits of People Who Drink Less

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    Trying to drink less alcohol? Whether you’re trying to quit or just want to cut down, are you ready to drink less? Drinking a little too much can easily become a habit. Social situations, family get togethers, work parties, after work parties. Before you know it you may be drinking a little more than you’re happy about. If we’re honest we know when too much of a good thing is… well too much! There’s good reasons for drinking less alcohol, such as… → Drinking less if you want to lose weight If you’re trying to lose weight, cutting down on alcohol will cut down on calories too 1 beer = 154 calories Gin single 42 g or 1 jigger = 110 calories Vodka single 42 g or 1 jigger = 97 calories Whiskey single 42 g or 1 jigger = 105 calories Wine 1 serving 5 fl oz or 148 g = 123 calories When drinking liquor, don’t forget to…

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    7 Amazing Online Workouts to Stream at Home

    The one problem with working out from home is getting motivated to start. When you work out alone you’re the only one who cares if you finish. Working out in a class or gym gives us a routine and support. You’re not working out alone, you’ve got workout buddies who’re there for the same reason. To get fit, get in shape, try out for Survivor (or Love Island) or just fit into the wedding dress. But what if you’re motivated and you just don’t have the time or money to join a gym? Maybe where you live there isn’t a convenient gym to drop into. We all know that convenience plays a huge part in how successful we are at keeping to our workout schedule! One of the reasons I bought my house in TX was because it was 5 minutes from a great YMCA. Seriously. I spent many hours at that gym and it became a part of my…

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    How to Grow Limes and Avocados in Pots for Home Grown Guacamole and Margaritas

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    Do you lust after the perfect creamy guacamole like I do? There’s really nothing better, especially if you have a zingy lime margarita to sip on too. Here’s how to grow your own limes and avocados to make delicious guacamole and margaritas or whatever you crave. Depending on what type of plants you buy it may take up to a few years before you have full grown fruit. Can’t wait? Choose a larger plant that’s already been grafted, not seeds. How to Make Home Grown Guacamole and Margaritas How to Make Simple Guacamole Guacamole is one of those good for you snacks. Avocados, the main ingredient, are so healthy for you. They’re full of dietary fiber, vitamins C,K, B and A plus they provide a healthy dose of MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids). MUFA’s help lower bad cholesterol. In fact the only thing unhealthy about eating guacamole is the chips you dip! There are a ton of great recipes for guacamole,…

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    What You May Experience on Keto: Side Effects

    Like any other weight loss or lifestyle change, the Keto diet doesn’t fit every body. Some of us can’t adapt to eating a high fat diet. Or we’re not happy if we can’t have what everyone else is having. It takes time to learn exactly what you can and can’t eat to get the right results on keto. On the other hand many are finding the keto diet is the answer to their weight loss prayers. Eating keto may also have a beneficial affect on some medical conditions. Only you can know what’s right for you. Before you start any diet, it’s good to know what to expect, right? You may be super happy with the results you’re getting on the keto diet if side effects aren’t an issue for you. But it helps to know what to expect before you dive in. That way you can make some tweaks if you need to! OK, Here’s What You May Experience While…

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    How to Relieve Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety Naturally

    how to relieve stress and anxiety

    When you suffer from anxiety, it can be hard to leave the house. The outside world is full of stress; work stress, traffic stress and sometimes unexpected stress from strangers or situations we can’t control. When you’re feeling anxious, you may not feel you’re ready to go out and face the world. Thoughts build up about what’s on the other side of the door and can we handle it? What if there was some simple ways to manage your anxiety and stress before you leave the house in the morning? If you could feel more prepared to manage what’s waiting for you on the other side of that door, wouldn’t it feel good? Here’s some natural ways to manage your anxiety and reduce your stress from home. How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety Naturally Exercise Calming Habits Changing Thoughts Calming Exercises to Do at Home: When you exercise your body releases good hormones like endorphins. These are the hormones which…

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    12 Feng Shui Secrets to Attracting More Love + Harmony @home

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    Feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is the ancient Chinese art of achieving balance and harmony by managing the flow of energy or chi. Feng shui literally means “wind water”. In Chinese culture this is good energy! According to the principles of feng shui, all things have energy. Even things like furniture and walls. Feng shui can guide us on where to place household items to get the best energetic result. Good feng shui creates harmony, happiness, good health and wealth. Chinese beliefs are; if you ignore feng shui, you may be inviting the opposite of harmony – disharmony! We don’t want disharmony and conflict do we? Especially in the bedroom!   Or any room where happiness and good vibes can benefit from a little feng shui adjustment. Feng shui shows us how and it’s not that complicated. Whether you believe or not, why not give it a try? Why have you got to lose.  Suspend your skepticism and get out…

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    23 Expert Sleep Tips to Hack Those Sleepless Nights

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    Expert sleep tips to get a better nights sleep. Why you’re not sleeping and what you can do about it! We know we need eight or more hours of sleep for our health and wellbeing. Research says a lack of sleep causes a cascade effect of health problems from diabetes, irritable mood, heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain and lack of sex drive. Yikes! If that’s not a reason to grab more shuteye, how about this? Our brain development is helped by the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep we get when we’re deep in dreamland. So sleep makes us smarter too! Here’s More Health Benefits You Get with 8 Hours of Sleep: Boosts your immunity and your ability to fight infections, cold and bugs You’ll be less likely to gain weight Experience less anxiety and depression Avoid type 2 diabetes Improves libido and sex drive Helps ward off heart disease due to high blood pressure Ok I get it.…

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    9 of the Yummiest Low Carb Desserts for Chocolate Lovers

    If you have a sweet tooth you’re going to love these low carb desserts. Especially if you’re a chocoholic like me! When you’re trying to eat a low carb or keto diet, your goal is to limit your daily intake of all carbs as much as possible – which includes sugar and natural sweeteners like honey, agave or maple syrup. It also means traditional flours are out too. So how can you satisfy a sweet tooth that’s craving a rich chocolatey dessert? By substituting safe sweeteners such as Stevia, Truvia and monk fruit extract for sugar we can convince our tastebuds they’re getting the real deal. In these recipes white or wheat flour is swapped out with almond, coconut and ground flax flours to keep the carbs low but the taste and crumb texture as close to a traditional bake taste as possible. If you’ve been cooking gluten free or keto for a while, you’re used to substitutions to make…