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How to Make the Vision Board You Need Right Now

Feel positive about where your life is headed! I believe we have the power to visualize our dreams and reach our goals – even in uncertain times.

It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your world right now. Even if you’re reeling from a job loss, a relationship that blew up or a worldwide pandemic, you can start to create the life of your dreams.

how to make a vision board

Start Creating A Life You Want

Have you heard of vision boards? You’re nodding your head.

Have you tried a vision board yet? You’re shaking your head.

Or perhaps you started a vision board and then just forgot about it. Hands up here.

How a Vision Board Will Show You the Way

A vision board is a nifty tool to help you decode your deepest desires because it’s a visual reminder of what you want.

When you take steps to act on your desires magic happens.

What does your life look like when you’re feeling ecstatically happy and fulfilled? Who’s in it and what surrounds you.

It’s OK to focus on having things like your dream home or car, but don’t forget to focus on how you want to feel when they show up.

That lovely beach cottage you’re craving for example. Or is that just me? Yes it’s Insta-dreamy, but it’s how you’ll feel walking through the door that matters.

Like you love being so close to the ocean because it means you can shoot the waves all day. Or maybe you love having a place all the fam can come and play.

How do you want to feel when you have what you want?

how to make a vision board

Close your eyes and picture your surroundings. What does it look like when you feel content and happy?

Is it a home with enough rooms for all the kids and grandkids to visit or is it a cabin in the woods where all you hear are the birds singing.

Take time to dive into your deepest wishes and desires. What does it feel like when everything just lines up. You know, when you’re feeling at peace and totally content.

Start with your deepest wish and think about how that would look. What images come to mind?

Make a Vision Board to Store Your Dreams

A vision board is a place where you store your dreams.

It can be a Pinterest board, computer wallpaper, a wall or a framed poster. It’s up to you.

Vision boards are such a powerful way of tuning our brains precisely because they’re …tada…visual. So have fun creating one!

Use images, photos or words that symbolize the life you want. Cut them out of magazines, clip them from websites or pin them.

I had a crush on a certain little Volvo so I cut a photo from a sales brochure to add to my vision board. I also bought a toy version on eBay so I could look at it every day. By the time I signed the paperwork, I already felt the car was meant to be mine! No it didn’t magically end up on my driveway (although it could have). I took action and made it happen. Because I’d already put it in my “I’ll have that” mental file.

How Does a Vision Board Work?

Just wishing our future to be different isn’t enough. We have to take real action.

What if we’re not sure exactly what we want? Well we know what we like when we see it or feel it, right?

When you see the perfect home, romantic love or even the car of your dreams you know it!

When we choose images that say heck ya; we’re actively giving the Universe the nod. It’s like placing your order at the drive thru. Yes please, I’ll have that.

This is what I choose. This is what I want.

Writing it down can be powerful too. So don’t forget to add inspirational words to your vision.

Our thoughts are so powerful. When we’re fired up by seeing what we love positive thoughts go shooting out into the Universe. We’re saying this is what I want please and thank you. Ask and receive. The law of attraction can’t help but bring it to you.

When you take action you unleash the power of the Universe on your behalf.

  1. Think about what will make you happy
  2. Find images and words that conjure up that happy feeling
  3. Pin, post and glue to your vision board
  4. Focus on your vision daily
  5. Take action steps to make them real

Ready to make your dreams reality?

how to make a vision board

How to Make a Digital Vision Board


  • In your Pinterest account, click on the Boards tab, then click the + to add a new board. Name it My Vision or whatever you choose.
  • You can easily grab great images online by adding the Pinterest button to your browser. See an image online you want to add? Just click the Pinterest button (in your toolbar). A new window will load up with all the images from that page. Click on the one you want to pin.
  • Add quotes or sayings you love.
  • Add your vision board to the top banner of your profile page. Click on the pencil icon in the upper right > Choose a board > your Vision board


  • Use photo editing software like Canva or Photoshop to create a digital vision board for your computer, tablet or phone.
  • In Canva, start by selecting Create a Design. Click on Custom Dimensions. I chose 1600 x 1000 px for my example. That’s about the right proportions for a rectangular computer screen.
  • Make a vertical version for your phone too. Choose 300 x 500 px to fit the average phone screen.
  • Have fun with it. Search for photos and art that say “my ideal life”. I chose beach scenes and travel but use your imagination. What does your dream life look like?
  • Use the Text tool to add inspiring words to your “vision”.
  • Play around with the positioning until you’re happy with the way it looks. Then click Publish > Download > to save it to your desktop or a folder. Don’t forget to name and save your file. I used the  default .png format.

♥ Add your vision board image to your desktop wallpaper background.

MAC – Right click on the image file you saved and choose Set Desktop Picture from the menu. Or right click anywhere on your desktop and choose Change Desktop Background, then choose your file.

PC – Right click or tap and hold on the image name and choose Set As > Set as Background or Set as Desktop Background (on older PCs

how to make a vision board

♥ Add your vision board image to your phone screen:

Take a picture of your physical or digital vision board with your phone or save the image to Photos.

iOS Apple

    1. Click on the share icon on the bottom left of your photo
    2. Under Copy Photo > scroll down (or sideways) and choose Use as Wallpaper
    3. Choose either; Set Lock Screen or Set Home Screen


    1. Long press the current wallpaper on your home screen until you feel a vibration
    2. When the screen changes, tap Wallpaper, then tap My Photos
    3. Choose your vision board photo and tap Set Wallpaper

How to Make a Physical Vision Board

Want to go old school and create a 3 dimensional vision board to inspire you? No problem!

You can have a blast choosing photos, cut out letters or sayings, even objects to stick on your board.

What You’ll Need

  • basic board to pin or paste images on
  • images, letters, photos and art
  • scissors
  • glue, tape or push pins

One of these Boards

  • ready made cork bulletin board
  • poster board
  • cork squares to mount on a door or wall
  • old door to lean up against a wall
  • whiteboard
  • large thrift store frame with glass removed

how to make a vision board

Start clipping ideas from magazines, photos and newspapers. Beg borrow or steal old magazines from friends or the library. Ask at your local library if they’re getting rid of old issues or look for them in thrift stores.

  • Snap photos of what you want.
  • Get creative! Dress up as the person you want to be once your goals are met and have a friend take a photo of you or selfie it.
  • Take pictures of the beach or a dream home or car you see in your travels. Print out your photos.
  • Cut out inspiring words that your vision is becoming real. Paste them onto your board too.

Don’t worry if it’s messy or not perfect. It’s not supposed to be! Life isn’t perfect, even when our dreams come true. Instead just make sure it reflects exactly how you want to feel about your life now and in the future.

How a Vision Board Works to Bring Your Present and Future Together

A vision board helps to focus your thoughts on what you want from life. That’s it in a nutshell. It doesn’t have to be woo woo to work, but a little woo woo happens when you set an intention!

Once you create a visual record of what your life could be, your brain gets to work looking for ways to make it happen.
Your thoughts will start to focus on ways of making your dream life into reality.

Don’t forget to take action when inspiration strikes. It’s not enough to just paste pretty pictures and hope for the best. Believe you’re deserving of everything you dream of. When an opportunity or coincidence drops into your day, be willing to take action.

No matter what’s happening in your life right now, your vision board is the perfect path to create a kickass future.