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7 Tips to Make Your Home Feel Blissfully Good

Your home should make you feel good and meet your needs. Sounds like a great relationship doesn’t it?

Making your home feel good isn’t about following some insta worthy trend – although they’re a lot of fun to look at I’ll admit – but finding what makes you swoon. In a good way.

Make your home a blissful extension of your dreams

♥ Do you love watching the Food Network and fantasize about having a chefs kitchen where you’ll whip up deliciousness on the daily?

  • What if you created a kitchen that was so organized you could whip up a tasty treat for the family in a flash.
  • Could you start with these kitchen organizers for inspiration?

♥ Or maybe you crave a relaxing calm spa like retreat where you can escape to soak away the cares of the day.

  • Why can’t you turn your bathroom into a retreat with soft organic towels and mats?
  • Add some non toxic soy candles with a fresh clean scent and place a few plants to remind you of nature.

Whatever your dreams are, find a way to express them in your home.

It’s time to create inviting spaces

Home IS where our heart is, when we get it right our lives feel more settled and on track. Home gives us a solid base to step out into the world from. But it can feel frustrating when we don’t know how to get it right.

There’s no right way to create a home, but sometimes we need help creating a home we feel proud of.

When our home doesn’t feel attractive, we may feel some shame or embarrassment if we don’t think it measures up. But no need to feel that way.

If you don’t feel as if your home’s inviting, then ask yourself what are you holding onto?

Are you protecting yourself?

Ask yourself if what you’re holding onto is supporting you right now. Perhaps your stuff or your home has become a barrier against the world?

Stuff can be like excess weight. We may be hang onto it to protect ourselves.

Could you shift some stuff out of your home and still feel OK and supported? Try moving some things out of the house or packing them away for a while and see how that feels.

The goal is to have a place that feels good when you come home. One you’re proud of and happy to share. If you could support your wellness by making some simple changes at home, wouldn’t it be worth it?

How to Make Your Home Feel Blissfully Good


Clear excess clutter from floors and surfaces. Trying to keep on top of your stuff; which means moving and finding a place to put it generates stress, the opposite of calm. Keeping your floors clear of excess stuff makes cleaning easier and will make your place look bigger too!


Try reworking your space so your brain will wake up and see things in a new light. This is one of my favorite things to do! Move your bed to another wall. Put the couch on an angle. Ask yourself if your family room arrangement supports easy conversation and flow and if not, move until it does.


Speaking of beds, detox your bedroom to invite intimacy and oh yeah sleep. No laundry, computer or kids toys. I know, you’re saying you don’t have any where else to store them, but isn’t that a sign there’s too much stuff? Your beauty sleep and sex life deserve a calm clutter free oasis.


Think about the flow – are you going with it or against it? Make traffic flow easy. We know about the triangle work flow in the kitchen that makes it easy to go from stove to sink to fridge. What about the flow in the living room. Is it easy to come and go or do you need a re-arrange?


Remember the killer kitchen or bathroom spa? Really think about what you want your home to support and embody? Whether it’s your outdoor lifestyle, reading, giving dinner parties or taking long soaks, what can you do to make home feel blissfully you?


Use natural, comfortable and organic materials around your home. Soft comfy throws and blankets, sheepskin rugs you can wiggle your toes into, rounded corners that don’t poke, leafy plants that bring nature in and soft colors that soothe. Hygge style. Cozy, comfortable and contented.


Last but not least, think about how your home is lit. Lighting is huge factor for creating a happy mood. Layered soft ambient lighting will make you feel relaxed. Overhead spots are great when you’re chopping and dicing, but not when you want to snuggle up and watch some TV. When your home has table, floor and overhead lighting you’ll be able to tweak the mood to perfection.

My suggestion? Start with one room and try out a few of these tips. Before you know it your home will be blissfully yours.