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How to Organize Shoes in a Small Closet on an IKEA Budget

When our closets are small it can be tough to find room for all our stuff.

Especially shoes. Shoes have a sneaky habit of taking over don’t they?

Let’s not forget kids shoes. Little shoes don’t take up as much room. BUT. You still need somewhere to put them away. Hopefully out of sight am I right?

When shoes are laying all over the place it’s like we lost what little floor space we have!

Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Ready to reclaim your floors and find a place for all of those shoes? Here’s how to gain control. Because I’ve been there too.

First step, purge those shoes that just don’t fit, are broken beyond repair or you haven’t worn in years.

Then read on … here’s  how I wrangled my shoe storage into shape with these amazing budget solutions from IKEA. Of course!

Shoe Storage Ideas using Floor Space


Shoe Storage Ideas IKEA
Image by IKEA

Sometimes all you need to get the job done is the basics. If your closet is wide enough (32” minimum) this double shelf unit could be your shoe savior! Best of all you can stack another unit on top (IKEA recommends attaching the shelves to the wall if you decide to do this).

Best part? These shelves aren’t made from flimsy plastic as you’d expect for the price. Oh no, they’re made from powder coated steel, so definitely sturdy enough for every day use.

You can fit about 4 pair of shoes on each shelf so one unit will give you storage for 8 pairs.

MACKAPÄR Double Shoe rack 


Shoe Storage Ideas IKEA
Image by IKEA

This little shelf unit can be tucked into even a tiny closet as it’s only 20 inches wide and 10” deep. Perfect width for 3 pair of little peoples shoes, but you’d be lucky to get two pairs of adult shoes per shelf.

Also made of powder coated steel so it’s durable and rust resistant. You could also fit one into a free standing wardrobe for extra stacking options. If you have the height there’s even a taller version – 63” high.

JONAXEL Shelf unit 


Shoe Storage Ideas IKEA
Image by IKEA

If you’re really desperate for some extra shoe storage, this hanging shelf unit is an affordable solution. BUT. I don’t know about you but I need all the hanging space I’ve got and this baby takes up a good 12″ of pole space and is as deep.

If I were to use these hanging shelves, I’d probably combine some t-shirt storage above and put lightweight shoes and slippers on the bottom shelves. STUK storage comes with plastic inserts so the shelves should stay rigid.

Don’t forget you’ll need to slide it over your closet pole so make sure you can remove the pole.

STUK Storage with compartments


Shoe Storage Ideas IKEA

I discovered this basket unit when I went searching for a solution for my extremely small hall closet. Similar to the more expensive Elfa brand, these free standing wire basket units have been my go to for YEARS. I use them for clothes, sheets and towel storage. They’re amazing!

Now this particular little skinny unit just about takes a pair of shoes as you can see, but it’s not wide or long enough to fit two pair inside one basket. Which is a bummer. Small kids shoes or flip flops will definitely be a better fit. If you want storage for socks, scarves or small beauty stuff like hot rollers etc this is perfect.

However there is a larger version that’s 19 5/8” wide. So you could use the top baskets for clothing and the bottom for shoes!

JONAXEL Frame with wire baskets

Shoe Storage Ideas when you have NO Extra Floor Space


Shoe Storage Ideas IKEA

After analyzing my miniscule closet, I decided I need my floor space for a basket unit like the Jonaxel above.

So I chose this hanging shoe organizer with pockets. Each organizer has 16 pockets and holds up to 8 pairs of shoes. The pockets are also handy for socks, hats or scarves too.

If you buy two you can hang one on the outside of your closet door and one on the inside- or one on the back of the bedroom door as I have. You’ll need a strong door hook to hang it on, OR you’ll need to install two heavy duty screws to hang it from the large grommets.

The clever folks at IKEA even give you a velcro option to shorten it down to 6 pockets to fit inside a wardrobe or system.

STUK Hanging shoe organizer w/16 pockets


Shoe Storage Ideas IKEA
Image by IKEA

If you’re stuk 😉 for additional storage for those shoes that you only wear once in a blue moon, then wrap them up in tissue paper and tuck them away.  This under the bed storage case is the way to do it.

Make sure you have at least 7 inches of clearance under your bed to be able to slide these out.

Stuk also makes a storage case without a lid if you’d rather pull it out and see what you’ve got. I’m using the smaller sizes in my hall closet to stack sheets and towels in.

STUK Underbed Storage case


Shoe Storage Ideas IKEA
Image by IKEA

Although I’m not a fan of putting things under the bed, in a pinch, these shoe boxes will keep those heels or boots you rarely wear dustfree and out of the way. Of course you can also keep them on the Hemnes shelf unit below – each box is just the right depth to fit.

Oh and did I mention it’s a pack of 4? 🙂

SKUBB Shoe box


Shoe Storage Ideas IKEA
Image by IKEA

When you’ve run out of space in your closet why not consider adding this pretty classic look storage unit to your room? It fits in with modern or traditional rooms and has plenty of space for shoes on the bottom shelf. Add some decorative boxes for extra clothes or shoe storage.

Each shelf is 11 3/8” wide and 13 1/4” deep so plenty of room for the Fjalla boxes shown.

HEMNES Storage unit


Shoe Storage Ideas IKEA
Image by IKEA

For some reason, finding a bedroom with a closet is not a sure thing in Europe. You often have to get creative with clothes and shoe storage. I’m currently using this clothing rack for extra clothes storage and the bottom rack holds my every day shoes.

If you’re like me your clothes won’t be quite as photogenic as these, but when you’ve run out of pole space and shoe storage options, this gets the job done.

So when you need extra hanging space AND shoe storage this may work for you too. I can fit about 5-6 pairs of shoes on the bottom rack.

Rigga clothes rack and shoe organizer


Shoe Storage Ideas IKEA
Image by IKEA

Maybe your closet is maxed out but you have some wall space you can put to use. How about a wall mounted organizer like this one? Two pairs of shoes will fit inside each pull down drawer. So four shoes per unit, 8 shoes total for two units.

Not bad. Can’t beat the price. But you’ll have to be handy to install it on the wall. Mounting screws are NOT included.

TRONES Shoe/storage cabinet


Shoe Storage Ideas IKEA
Image by IKEA

Here’s a similar idea. This neat little cabinet doesn’t have any back legs so it fits tight against a wall. The front legs rest on the floor making it look like a built in. The pull down drawers can hold up to 8 pairs of shoes.

Nice option for a hall or entry way with little or no closet space for shoes.

You’ll need to be handy to install it on the wall which is recommended to prevent it falling over. Mounting screws are NOT included.

HEMNES Shoe cabinet with 4 compartments

Need more small bedroom hacks from IKEA? Here you go!