How to Start Organizing Your Life in the Next 24 Hours

Getting organized doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. If you break down the process of staying organized into small bite site chunks it’s easier to stay on track and see the results.

How many of us have started out with the best of intentions only to get sucked back into daily habits? You know, the ones that stopped us from having an organized life in the first place.

The real secret to organizing your life is creating positive new habits. 


how to organize your life


A quick start to organizing your life is to create a new habit for when you wake up and before you go to bed.

I happen to think creating a morning and night routine is important for a lot of reasons. The biggest one is you’re really taking care of yourself. A close second reason is you give yourself  a framework for the day. It’s like a bookend. These two routines hold the rest of the day in place.

Routines or habits give the day structure. Structure is what helps keep us organized and on track. We give ourselves structure by having a dedicated spot to put everything away. Having a hamper for dirty clothes makes the habit of picking up soon much easier, right?

Set up a routine for your mornings and nights and make it a habit. Stick to it and watch your life change.

Here’s How to Organize Your Life in 24 Hours

The Morning Routine

Create a healthy habit for yourself as soon as you get up. Set your alarm to give you enough time to do what needs to be done. If you work, then making sure you have enough time to eat, shower and dress before you walk out the door is a good habit.

When you come home and put the key in the door, you want home to feel calm and relaxing.

how to organize your life


Try these steps in the morning

  1. Make a cup of coffee or tea or whatever gets you going. Have something to fuel your day. Smoothie, toast, eggs or cereal.
  2. Leave enough time to relax and wake up with your cup. Quickly catch up on emails.
  3. Shower or bathe, get your face on and hair done.
  4. Make your bed. You’ve heard this one before but it’s important. Think of it as self care. There’s nothing better than crawling into clean sheets and a nicely made bed at the end of the day.
  5. Get dressed.
  6. Do a quick scan of the kitchen, wash up dishes and put away anything from breakfast.
  7. Do a quick scan of the bedroom and toss clothes in a hamper to be washed or hang them up.


how to organize your life


Use your morning routine to start the day organized. Have a place for everything you need.

  1. Have a dedicated place to put your keys and your phone.
  2. Keep washing up easy by having the soap, sponge and drainer ready.
  3. Get a hamper for dirty clothes for your bedroom closet.
  4. Use matching clothes hangers. Yes it’s a thing. Trust me it will make a difference.
  5. Set aside one day a week to wash those sheets. A weekend is good. That way you don’t have to think about it, it’s just a habit.


The Nighttime Routine

Having a nighttime routine is the perfect way to end the day feeling organized. Once you get a routine that works for you, hopefully you’ll keep doing it on auto pilot until it’s a habit – something you just do.

A bedtime routine helps you wind down from the day and prepare for the next.

Mentally go through your day. Write down anything you want to remember. You don’t want your “to do” list running through your mind in the middle of the night do you?
how to organize your life

Try these steps at nighttime

  1. Decide what time you need to be asleep by counting back 8 hours from when you want to get up.
  2. Turn off the TV or games at least one hour before that time.
  3. What can you prep for the next morning? Get your work outfit ready to go or set up the coffee maker.
  4. Scan your house and pick up papers, clothes, whatever is laying around. Put them in a dedicated place. Papers in recycling, clothes in hamper or on hangers, pillows fluffed, remotes put away.
  5. If you’re a nighttime bath person, go for it. Clean, scrub and floss.
  6. Spend the last half hour or so either meditating, doing a relaxing yoga routine or reading.
  7. Turn the light off and set the alarm.

Your bedtime routine is key to feeling relaxed, organized and prepared for the next day. When you end the day putting everything (including yourself) to bed, you sleep better. Your morning is going to be a whole lot less hectic and you can’t help feeling proud of yourself.

The whole point of being organized is to feel better. To have control over our stuff instead of the other way around. We need to feel we’re ready for whatever the day to organize your life

Use your nighttime routine to end the day with relaxation. Get everything you need ready.

1. Make sure you’ve added your coffee, cereal etc to your shopping list.

1. Got enough clean clothes for the work week? Schedule a dedicated time to do laundry.

3. Set up a recycling box, a clothes hamper and buy some matching hangers.

4. Add bath salts or toothpaste to your shopping list and keep them stocked.

5. Keep a notepad and pen nearby to jot down thoughts and to-do’s

6. Download a mediation podcast or app. Subscribe to a yoga routine on Youtube.

7. Set a time you always turn off the light.

The secret to organizing your life in the next 24 hours is to crush your morning and nighttime routine. Everything in between will be easier once you create habits for your mornings and nights.

What are you going to do this morning?

how to start organizing your life