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7 Spiritual Secrets to Organizing Your Home for Better Feels

We know we all want to live in a home that’s organized. Cluttered homes create stress, depression and even fatigue! Who needs that?

Clutter distracts us, increases our stress hormones and is a buzz kill for creativity.

So how do our homes get cluttered up and what can we do to keep our stuff under control?

It’s easy to accumulate things but not so easy to keep them organized. The more we bring home the harder it gets.

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In fact the reason we buy or collect things has very little to do with the thing itself.

It’s the feeling we hope we’ll have once we get it home.

  • That new shirt or dress will empower us for the job interview.
  • The leather sofa will be a family hangout and we’ll bond together watching movies.
  • The extra baking ingredients in the pantry will motivate us to start baking again.
  • The 10th pair of Adidas brings us what we missed as a teenager.

None of these feelings are wrong. Or mean what we want isn’t worth having.

There can be joy in owning something beautiful. Or security in making sure we always have enough.

But have you noticed something?

Once you get that new dress home it just doesn’t feel the same as in the store. Once we own it, it doesn’t feel quite so desirable. Half the fun of getting the dress is imagining how our lives will change once we own it. When we actually get it home, we realize nothing has really changed.

We still need to find that feeling in ourselves.

  • The confidence for the job interview.
  • The faith our family will always find a way to be together.
  • The ability to make something beautiful and delicious.
  • The knowledge we’re enough as we are now.

Realizing we don’t need things to feel the way we want to feel is a big leap. But stick with me.

The best home organization is based on spiritual practice. It’s letting go of what doesn’t serve you so you can let in what does.

Choose to feel the way you want without the stuff.

If you’ve watched the Netflix series “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”, you’ll notice she approaches each home as living energy. She’ll take a moment before starting to sit down and tap into the home’s energetic message.

You’ve heard of feng shui right? It’s simply the Chinese term for wind water. Or basically energy. According to feng shui all things have energy. Even those storage bins under your bed. I know, right?

If everything in your home has energy then that energy makes a difference to your energy.

Here’s how organizing your home can boost your home’s spirituality. Yours too!


7 Spiritual Secrets to Organizing Your Home for Better Feels:

1. Room by Room

Go through your home room by room and ask yourself how you feel as you walk through the door. Do this on your own without distractions, so you get a good sense of the room’s vibe.

Do you feel energized or anxious? Happy or fearful?

If your room’s cluttered, you’ll pick up a messy distracted vibe. A things to do, projects unfinished and no place to relax vibe.

Would you be happy to show this room to a friend?

Does the room say come on in and sit down? Put up your feet and relax?

If you’re not getting that good feeling, the next step is fixing it.

2. Bedroom

Let’s start with your bedroom. If it doesn’t feel relaxing at the end of the day then it’s not supporting you. Having a special place to unwind, de-stress and sleep is important to feeling good.

To create a more restful vibe, take everything out of the bedroom that isn’t about sleeping and relaxing. If your clothing is cluttering your bedroom or your closet is bursting with stuff start with your closet.

Go carefully through your all of your clothes, laundry and personal stuff. Donate, toss or sell what no longer serves you.

Choose to keep only what you wear the most and what makes you feel the best.

What’s sucking your energy? Is it the old photos under the bed. Or the computer set up in the corner?

You don’t need a childhood doll to remind you of what it means. You have that memory inside you. Can you let it go and just keep the memory instead?

3. Living Room

Returning a room to it’s true purpose will energize your home life. Your bedrooms benefit and so will your family or living room. Too often with open plan living spaces, our living room turns into an “everything” room.

Why not make the living or family room a dedicated space to relax and connect with each other?

Create a true living room with comfortable seating for relaxing, watching family movies or just hanging out together. Make this inviting and relaxing by keeping it free of the clutter of toys, laundry and work stuff.

Keep work separate from living use. Tuck a desk away in a dedicated room or hall space if you need to. The dining room is one place where you can get away with adding a desk if you need one.

home organization living room

4. Dining Room

How often does anyone use a formal dining room anymore for anything but holiday get togethers? Too often they end up being dropping zones for extra stuff that doesn’t have a home.

How would it feel to restore the dining room to it’s true purpose? If it’s convenient to your kitchen, could you make a practice of using it at least once a week for a family dinner?

Doesn’t have to be fancy or good china, just casual and easy. Create a functional place to tuck dinnerware out of sight and make it easy to bring plates and dishes in by adding a sideboard or hutch if you have room.

There’s nothing more spiritual than eating a meal together. Even if you didn’t grow up with a Sunday dinner ritual, why not be the one to start it!

home organization dining room

5. Kitchen

Speaking of eating, let’s talk about the kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of most homes for a reason. It’s where cooking happens and where we all end up hanging out. It’s where the family comes together because we all have to eat!

The kitchen is the spiritual hub of the home because it’s where we’re nourished through food and togetherness.

Kitchen organization is challenging if you don’t have enough counter or storage space. I get it.

It’s really important to be careful about what you bring home if lack of storage is an issue. What can you live without to keep your counters clear and your cook space organized?

Try this. Put away all the gadgets and appliances except the ones you absolutely use every day. Pack them away in a covered tub and store them out in the garage, attic or basement. If you don’t use them in the next 3-6 months, could you see yourself living without them?

If you’re the cook in the house make sure your kitchen supports you. Have your tools and pans where they’re easy to get to. There’s nothing worse than to be in the middle of a recipe and not be able to find what you need!

Once your kitchen is organized, you’ll be creating a relaxing family hub that functions and feeds.

home organization kitchen

6. Benefits

Keeping your home organized will significantly improve your physical, spiritual and emotional health. You’ll feel energized because your clutter won’t be draining your precious energy.

You’ll have time to do things you love instead of worrying about the state of your home. You’ll be free to go for a walk or start that backyard project you’ve been putting off.

Could you find a space to practice meditation or yoga? Even better.

An organized home will help you feel in control of your own space.  When we live in world where our power may be limited, having a sense of control and calm at home is priceless.

Bonus? You’ll be proud to invite friends and neighbors over.

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7. Secrets

The secret to organizing any room or space?

Only own what fits in the space you have. Not one thing more. Everything you own needs it’s own dedicated spot.

The second secret is; group everything you own into categories to store or organize them.

Try putting all the kitchen utensils in a jar by the stove. Or all your makeup in a small tray organizer. Toys in a trunk. Clothes folded in drawers or closet organizers. Keep them in a designated spot.

When you know where to find things, life is simpler. You’ll spend less time and energy looking for your stuff, and less money buying stuff to replace what you forgot you have. We all do it!

When you get organized you’ll be able to keep track of what you own. You’ll only be living with what you love, what works and what supports you. Your mind will have  space to be creative and focused and your feelings will be met.

Best of all your heart and soul will go aahhhhhh. That feels like home.

spiritual secrets to organizing your home