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This is How to Organize to Let Go of the Past

When we say it’s time to “clean house” it usually means to take care of business. To get rid of what isn’t working.

I’m going to show you how to “clean house” to let go of the past.

To let go or get rid of a past that’s not working in order to make room for what does.

Our home is storage space for our belongings but also for our feelings.

Everything in your home represents how you feel about yourself. The good, the bad and the not so pretty.

How to Organize to Let Go of the Past

→ Start by making a list of what you wish was gone from your life.

What would make it easier to get up in the morning with a smile on your face and peace in your heart?

Let’s start with any bad habits, toxic friends, memories of old relationships or behavior patterns. As you think of these feelings write a list. Keep writing until you can’t think of any more.

Examples of habits, relationships or behaviors you’d like to toss:

    • Memories of a failed first marriage
    • Late night snacking
    • Work relationship that went bad
    • Listening to a friend who doesn’t listen back
    • Too many unfinished projects around the house

Get the idea? On your list put down every feeling that’s become a burden in your life. This isn’t about any judgment on you or your past, it’s simply a way of acknowledging what may be holding you back.

Once your list is finished throw away each item on it.

But you’re saying, how can I throw away a feeling?

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Do you have items from your first marriage you’re still holding onto? Letters, bills or divorce papers? I wouldn’t suggest throwing away legal evidence of your divorce decree as you may need it, but what about throwing away everything else?

Have you held onto wedding photos and mementos? Perhaps ticket stubs to concerts or events you both attended. You’d be surprised at how much it can help to get rid of these things. Since everything has energy, why not release everything that could be energetically connecting you to memories of that first marriage. The one that didn’t end so well.

While you’re at it, throw away your guilt and regret too.

When we go into relationships, we take with us whoever we are at the time. We mix our “stuff” up with our partners stuff and what comes out the other end is two people who have changed each other. But you’re still the “you” before the relationship and the you created in the relationship. Does that make sense?

It’s impossible to be in a relationship and not be changed by it. Sometimes that’s what we mourn or grieve the most. Who we thought we were with that person. But you’re still that person. You created that lovable fascinating personality, not your partner.

ORGANIZATION TIP: Create a small box to hold any relationship items you ‘re not ready to part with yet. Make a note on the box with a date 6 months from now. If you haven’t looked in the box or no longer need to remember what’s in it during that time, put it on your calendar to toss it by that date.


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Are you a late night snacker who wants to kick the habit? You think your nighttime eating is sabotaging your diet.

What could you throw away that would break this habit?

Let’s see. Snacks in the house, habits around snacking such as watching TV late at night and a partner who’s also snacking could be “thrown away”. Without getting rid of your partner, how could you throw away your snack habit.

Bad habits can be tough to get rid of. After all there’s a reason we start a habit in the first place. There’s usually some kind of reward for it.

Breaking a habit like snacking at night could mean getting rid of a negative self image you have from feeling overweight.

Try throwing away that negative self image first. Then the habit will be easier to get rid of.

Organization Tip: Make it easier on yourself to stop snacking. Go through your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. Clear out anything you know is an unhealthy snack. Stick a photo of yourself (when you felt you looked your best or were at your ideal weight) inside a cabinet door where you’ll see it. Or use a magnet to put one on the fridge door.


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Let go of WORK

Perhaps you’re ticked off over a work relationship that went bad. Whatever went down, you just can’t seem to get rid of those negative thoughts. The “what ifs” and the “if only I’d said thats”.

If what happened wasn’t fair or your boss or co worker didn’t have your back, it may be hard to let go of the thoughts.

Here’s what you can do.

Look around your home and pick out anything that reminds you of what you don’t want in your life. Throw IT away.

Keep an image in your head of that person or situation and feel the release as you get rid of that image too. Next time you won’t tolerate being put in a tough position, or you’ll find a way to speak up.

Get used to not tolerating bad behavior from others or anything else in your home that doesn’t work for you anymore.

Organization Tip: Pick a day with no distractions and go through each room in your home. Take your time. Go through your closets and collect anything with negative vibes.

This includes things that other people may have left behind. You have permission to toss it. Don’t be surprised if it feels weird to do this. Keep working through each room and closet until you’ve purged everything that doesn’t make you feel good.

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As you clear out things in your home that don’t make you feel good, you’ll realize this applies to people too!

Do you have a friend or family member who’s always complaining. Someone who uses your shoulder to cry on too often?

You feel drained after each encounter and trapped because you have a history with them. The conversation is always one sided because they do all the talking, usually about themselves or their problems.

It can be hard taking a realistic look at a friendship you’ve had for years.

You don’t have to throw away this person, but let them know how you feel. You let go of the need to suck it up every time you’re with them.

Organization Tip: It takes a lot of courage and faith to think about letting go of an old friendship, even if it’s not satisfying. Find a note pad and pen and make a list of all their good traits as well as bad. Put it aside. Come back to it when you’re ready.


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Have you started organizing your closets but never quite finish? Do you have projects that get pushed to a corner and forgotten. You might want to throw them away.

But you’re saying, “I really want that table or sweater completed”. I get it. But that unfinished project is sucking your energy.

One thing leads to another. Our lives at home tend to be a mirror of how we are in the outside world.

Toss those half finished projects. It doesn’t mean you’ll never start a project again, but when you do, it will get done. You won’t be the person who tolerates half baked or half done anymore.

Organization Tip: This one is easy. Toss or donate those half finished, undone, never gonna complete projects. Dig them out from your closets, your garage and attic. Say good bye to feeling like you can’t finish what you started and say hello to fresh start.

When you do bring home another project, don’t put it away until it’s done. No hiding or stashing. Give yourself a time limit and then get er done.

Your list may look very different to my examples

But you get the idea, right? Start with a list of feelings and things that don’t serve you. Throw them away.

Think about feelings you’d like to get rid of and start throwing away items associated with those feelings. Photo books, old papers and mementos. Potato chips.

As you work your way through your closets and rooms, let those feelings out. Be prepared for some emotional overflow. Take your time.

Cleaning out your closets turns out to have a lot to do with cleaning up your life.

Once you’ve cleaned up your past, the present and future will have room to come knocking on your door.