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What You Need to Create a Dream-Worthy Luxury 4 Star Bed

Sleep has become such a hot topic and for good reason. We all need our beauty sleep!

Luxury hotel chains offer high quality bedding and beds because we expect it. Why wait until you go on vacation?

If your bedroom isn’t making the grade, it could be time to create your own dream worthy luxury 4 star bed.

If we spend 1/3 of our 24 hours in bed, why not feel as if we’re sleeping in a 4 star hotel? You deserve the very best and it’s SO worth it. Of all the tips to get a better nights sleep a comfy bed has to be on the top of the list!

how to create a luxury bed

What You Need to Create a Luxury Bed that’s Dream Worthy

Choose Your Mattress

The foundation of a luxury bed is obviously the mattress. We all have different preferences, soft to firm, so choose the style of mattress you find most comfortable to you.

It’s so easy to buy a mattress online. If you’re spending a lot of money, make sure you buy one with a sleep trial so you can return it if it’s not the one.

Two mattress styles to consider for your luxury bed:


  • Molds to your body and offers good support. Reduces pressure on your spine, neck and hips as your weight is uniformly distributed. There’s no transfer of movement when your partner rolls over so you’re less likely to disturb each other during the night.
  • Don’t squeak or sag and never need turning. Which is a good thing as they can be very heavy to move!
  • Shipped rolled up in a tube making them easier to get up stairs or through narrow hallways.
  • Made from materials that are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, meaning they’ll be less lightly to cause allergic reactions. One exception is if you’re allergic to latex, which can be a common material.


  • The one major downside to a foam or memory foam mattress could be they’re hotter to sleep on. In hotter climates you may find they keep you too hot to sleep comfortably. In a colder climate their ability to hold body heat may be an advantage.
  • Newer technologies have combined different materials to create air pockets and more circulation so this may not be a problem. Check the description of each manufacturer.
  • Can be extremely heavy and dense.

A Nectar memory foam mattress starts at $699. for a full size. 365 Nights trial and free shipping.


types of mattresses


If you’re looking for a luxury mattress and not sure about memory or foam, try a hybrid. Hybrid mattresses have a layer of pocket springs and foam giving you the best of both worlds.


  • Hybrid mattresses have a combination of inner or pocket springs and foam. Some mattresses are entirely encased in foam with an inner core of springs. Springs give you the bounce and support you’ve come to expect in a typical mattress.
  • When you sit on the edge of the bed you’re supported, you don’t sink down into it. It can also make it easier for you to get out of bed.
  • Hybrid mattresses are lighter and easier to move than foam mattresses
  • A hybrid mattress is usually cooler than an all foam mattress.


  • Hybrid mattresses can be expensive. If you don’t want to feel your partner roll over or if you’re a light sleeper, you may be more suited to a foam mattress which doesn’t transfer as much movement.
  • Thicknesses of each hybrid mattress will vary. Check the depth or height of each mattress you’re considering before you buy to make sure it will fit in your bed frame.
  • Do you have a solid bed frame or a sprung slat base? Make sure the mattress won’t sit too low inside the frame; it will be difficult to make your bed and get out.

Prices for a luxury Bear hybrid mattress starts at $1032. for a full size. Green Guard gold certified and designed for athletes.

Mattresses sold online are foam or a hybrid of foam and pocket springs. They’re shipped rolled and packed to spring back to full shape once un-wrapped.

how to create a luxury bed

Bed Frame

You can’t go wrong with a solid bed frame or standard box spring to support the mattress and make it a comfortable height to get in and out of. There’s something about a higher bed that just feels more luxurious.

Now you’ve found the perfect mattress its time to dress it and make it look as inviting as it is comfortable.

How to Make a 4 Star Bed

Start with good quality duvets and pillows. If you’re in the US or UK, I recommend Costco for their great deals on good quality pillows and duvets. You can order online and have it shipped knowing it’s going to be good quality.

Choose Your Sheets

  • For a true luxury 4 star look, stick to all white sheets to get a high end classic look. Without exception, white will be easier to wash, swap out and mix and match.
  • I prefer all cotton for it’s breathability, but bamboo is another good option. If you get freaked out by wrinkles chose a high quality cotton/poly blend. 300 thread count or more.

Duvet or Comforter

  • When it comes to your duvet cover, try all white or white with a border of gray or tan. Duvet covers in sheeting material are cheaper, but a cover with a little texture makes hiding wrinkles easier! Look for matelasse or woven material in a crisp white.
  • Go with your preference here and your climate. If you live in Florida you can easily get by with a lightweight duvet insert.
  • Live in the northeast or midwest? It may make sense to keep a duvet for winter and one for summer.
  • To create a truly luxurious feel go for a down duvet, although some of the down alternatives are just as cozy and give the same look.

how to create a luxury bedPillows

As someone who travels with their own pillows, I’m over the moon when I find a hotel or Airbnb that has thoughtfully provided good quality bed pillows. You deserve the best too. Flat, lumpy or hard pillows don’t belong on your luxury bed.

  • Treat yourself to the best pillow you can afford. I love a good down pillow as most feather pillows are too firm and lacking in support. Try a high quality down alternative pillow to save money.
  • On a double or queen bed, allow for two standard pillows for each person for a total of four on the bed. On a king or super king just change the pillows to king size.
  • One pillow should be medium support, the other should be either down or a down alternative to sit in front. No one wants to wake up with a stiff neck!

Here’s How you Layer your Luxury Bed:

  • Fitted Sheet
  • Top Sheet folded down at top
  • Duvet folded back with top sheet OR a contrasting blanket or coverlet
  • Four pillows – two on each side
  • Accent pillow – one or two in front
  • Throw or contrasting blanket across bottom

The finishing touch is to your luxury bed is a soft throw at the end of the bed, folded the width of the bed. Perfect for naps and somewhere for the cat to sleep on.

That’s it! Sleep like a baby tonight in your luxury 4 star bed. Pretend you’re on vacation. You’re so worth it!

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